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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Political representatives interact with voters in Dimapur

By Mirror Desk Updated: Apr 03, 2019 12:47 am
Representatives of some politcal parties during a public interaction in Dimapur on Tuesday.

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Dimapur, April 2: An interactive event called “Voters’ voice: An interface” to discuss about the manifestoes of various political parties contesting the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Nagaland was conducted on Tuesday at the DBIDL Hall, Don Bosco School premises in Dimapur. It was organised by the Social Action for New Alternatives, CAN Youth, and Path Finders.

The general secretary of NPCC, captain GK Zhimomi; co-convener of Naga People’s Front (NPF) legal cell, Vimeno Nakhro; and election agent of independent candidate Dr. MM Thromwa Konyak, Dr. Chingo Walim Konyak attended the event.

Speaking about the Congress’ manifesto, Zhimomi said that many people in Nagaland are yet to understand what exactly a manifesto is for. “Manifesto is a political document, a promise and we have the liberty to question the political party when they come to power to fulfil the promise. Sadly, I have not seen anybody that has done that job so far, except sit back and complain about the government from their homes,” he said.

According to him, Congress party is the “lesser evil” among all the political parties.

Nakhro said that the NPF will be following its manifesto introduced in 2018. She stressed that the party will be clearing all the state’s debt and will look into the education system of both urban and rural areas.

Meanwhile, Konyak said most of the manifestos would be the same. “As an independent candidate, we cannot officially launch a manifesto,” he said while adding that being an independent candidate is new to them and they are in the process of receiving ideas about how it is like to be one. He assured to fight for the removal of corruption, if he wins.

On being asked if there is a necessity for Naga people to have a new direction for the peace process, Zhimomi replied that the party will endure to resolve the Naga political problem with peaceful and constitutional means.

Citing that the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, will be arriving in Dimapur on Wednesday, Zhimomi assured that Gandhi will give significant announcements on the matter.

Nakhro said that the NPF is still supporting the Indo-Naga with peace talks and trying to make a better future for our Naga people. “NPF was formed to basically make our people’s life better and to bring peace. We are still continuing to do it and will continue to do it,” she added.

Konyak said that he believes in the Naga leaders and also the government of India when it comes to Indo-Naga negotiations.

Mentioning about the Prime Minister’s vision to build a ‘New India’ by 2022, Zhimomi cautioned that if NDA comes to power, they would have absolute majority in the Rajya Sabha. “If that happens, the NDA can easily remove or rewrite articles in the Constitution,” he claimed.

Talking about unemployment issue, Zhimomi said that Congress would work towards solving the issue if they come to power. He called for a practical expectation unlike BJP which, he said, had won the previous elections making impractical promises.

About the introduction of ILP in Dimapur, he said that it remains to be seen as to how it is implemented; and added that Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio’s comment that the people of northeast must be exempted from the ILP purview defeats its very purpose.

However, he cautioned that it must not result in unnecessary harassment of Indians who have been living in the city for generations.

On women reservation, he said that the Congress will enact 33% women reservation in the Parliament.

“Congress is a party that has empowered women at the local body levels and panchayats. 33% women reservation in Parliament and assembly will be enacted if we come to power. Of course, there will be endless debates. But at the end of the day, it is felt that our women folk need reservation. That has been our commitment, that has been our stand so far,” he explained.

Nakhro believed that the present Indian government is confusing the public when it comes to the issue of Article 371 (A), CAB, and ILP. She said that those three were totally different from each other.

About the Indo-Naga political issue, Zhimomi further said that people are now ‘tired’ of the unresolved negotiations.

The founder of Path Finders, Vitono Gugu Haralu, during an Interaction with media persons, regretted the failure of two representatives—one each from NDPP and NPP—to participate in the interaction.

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