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Political peace for Nagas

By EMN Updated: Aug 24, 2013 1:05 am

Thepfulhouvi Solo

If there is to be a Political Solution to the Naga Political Issue, there must be:
* first a Political Peace in the territory of the State of Nagaland, Head Quarter of Naga Political Movement. For this, a
* second requirement is that every Naga, be it National Worker, State Politician, Bureaucrat, Public, Villager; Youth, Educated or not, man and woman must have in common, an Awareness of the hard realities that have descended on the Nagas today, and the * third requirement is that without the awareness of this hard realities in common by the entire Naga community, there can be no political solution to the Naga Political Issue. The list of requirements is becoming a little lengthy, but there is no alternative, and the
* fourth requirement is the most important one; it is the Pressure the Government of India and the Government of Nagaland must united put on the Groups for Peace. This Peace is not the political Messiah for Solution; it is only the John the Baptist, the Forerunner for maintenance of minimum rule of law in the Society.
Without this Pressures from the two Superior Forces of the Governments of Nagaland and GoI for Peace, there can be no Peace in Nagaland. If there is no Peace in the State of Nagaland, there can be no Peace in the land of the Nagas. This is not sweet to swallow; it is not easy to develop the political will for this, but there are no alternatives.
The Naga National Groups themselves on the one hand, appear not capable of wrenching out a National Coalition; the NNC is not able to do it even within their own NNC Family, the NSCN is not able to do it in their own Clan. On the other hand; the democratic forces in the land are dead, the force of Public Opinion is dead, the common Journey of Hope is interminable, the FNR is not yet dead but has no Key Stone or Corner Stone for the Building, and the Holy Ghost has not yet come to the Nagaland Baptist Church Council Director for Peace. This is the ground realities today in the Nagaland.
Political Peace can not come to Nagaland without a Superior Force putting pressure on the gods of Politics for Peace!
What is Political Peace?
‘Political Peace’ means Peace before a Political Solution. The Naga Groups must be pressured to first:
i. Renounce Armed Threats to any Naga NGO or others and to each other of the Naga armed Groups.
ii. Make complete cessation of illegal Taxation.
iii. if this is not forthcoming within 2 months, the combined Armed Forces of the Government of Nagaland assisted by on the Government of India must vigorously enforce the Rule of Law on the erring Group in the territory of the State of Nagaland for the sake of Peace.
The Government of India’s immature handling of the Ceasefire Agreement without clear-cut set-Ground Rules mixed up with Political Negotiation with one Group only, enabled the NSCN (IM) get a vantage position to be boisterous and raging, extorting illegal Tax from hapless Traders and defenseless Shopkeepers, threatening all unarmed Nagas through ACAUT, and reminding the society that ‘they killed people when necessitated and that they would do it again whenever they decide’.
What a Statement from the undisputed Leader of the Nation of Nagalim seeking membership to the United Nations, extolling killing for the conduct of its National Agenda? This is simply shocking. Every time any Civil Organization having any difficulties with them and going for discussion with them ends with Threat from the IM Functionaries to the delegates?
Don’t Nagas have better diplomatic leaders than these? The IM Functionaries have every Right to reject what they do not agree, they have every right state their Opinions, they have every right to state their Claims to the Government of India; but did the GoI functionaries at any Time threatened the IM with India’s Prithvi ballistic missile at any of their 16 years long difficult Talk? When would Naga National Leaders behave world Class Diplomats and not like Terrorist Jihadis? The ACAUT Members are the Voters for the Government of Nagaland and the Writer wonders why they have not brought the Issue to their Government.
The deficient Ceasefire Rules with the IM concocted by the GoI without any consultation with the elected Government of Nagaland, appears to have a lot to do in the unfortunate undesirable difficult situation that have descended on the political scene in Nagaland today; no less surprising however, is the impotence the State Government has become to reiterate the Security of its Citizens in such dire situations!
The new Home Minister of Nagaland has at last put some teeth into the Government by saying the State would not remain a silent spectator any more at the Armed Groups killing each other. Every citizen should support the Home Minister strongly in this. The State Government may not feed the entire Naga civilians; it may not prevent our Roads turning into shallow rubble filled Streams during the rainy season, it may not produce enough Jobs for the educated unemployed Nagas, but the maintenance of ‘Public Order’ is the first responsibility of the Government in the State List and not the Centre. The State of Nagaland in particular at such a time as it is today, need this Right and should vigorously pursue it.
There can be no Peace in Nagaland today unless Peace is enforced by a Superior Force. Paul could not kick at a Spike. The Government of Nagaland as the Superior Force and aided by the GoI together, must put pressure on the political gods in Nagaland for Peace.
Once Peace is established, then the Naga National Groups would peacefully and democratically get on with the Political Solution in God’s own good time but today Peace is first.

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