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Political Migration

By EMN Updated: Jun 14, 2017 10:41 pm

Political migration has caused migraine headache to many leaders. The theory and practice of in and out is not new to politics. No sooner will the local dailies carry pictures and signatories of the so called leaders changing their affiliation to one party to another. Whenever I see such mismanagement of political disaster, it induces me to good laughter. Many leaders in villages and towns fool themselves with freedom of movement.
With BJP at the centre, the Nagas are trying to find shelter inside the umbrella of the party. All members behave as though Mr. Narendra Modi is their only brother and true friend. Is it not a cynical political behaviour? They arranged meetings after meetings to praise Prime Minister and all his mighty works with all the best words found in the dictionary (off course he has done many good works). But I am sure Narendra Modi does not know them. In other words, do not behave as though you know him the best. He may not know your existence here on earth. Let what we speak in political meeting/rally reflect some sort of truth in/for one’s personal life. Political agendas of one place may not fit other places. Therefore, inculturation of politics is also necessary to attain its fullness.
With the dawn of election, most leaders will then become heroes of Nagaland with name plates on the front and back of the vehicles, “President, Secretary, General Secretary, Treasurer, Advisor, Senior Advisor, Most Senior Advisor, Junior Advisor, Political Advisor, Social Advisor, Personal Advisor, Home Advisor, Youth Wing, Men Wing, Women Wing, etc.” I think Capital letters will be more visible while printing the name plate. All parts of the vehicle may get dirty due to constant journey forpolitical campaigns, but the name plates are kept clean. By this they keep their identity clean. No doubt we are all for clean election. We clean the entire wealth and treasuries of the State. That is the real clean election we are aiming for. The Government is so rich during election season and act as beggar for another five years. The Government of Nagaland has banned the usage of name plates on vehicle some few years back (few exceptions). The Government bans, the Government re-implements. Thank God for banning the use of siren if not all vehicles will be going up and down like ambulance during election.
I pray earnestly that even ‘Cow Wing, Buffalo Wing, Pig Wing, Chicken Wing” will find its place in some of the vehicles in Nagaland. At least make the animals happy before they are slaughtered during election. The party which provides the best food and drink is the best party. Many voters will promise to die for the party, but do not know how to live for it.
Without such hero name plates, how can the leaders travel in the vehicle? (boss/saab ase to, olop to dekha bo lage to na) Without showing off to people, how will simple people know that President or Advisor is passing by? Without black goggles even at midnight how will people recognize him as a leader? And without chewing beetle nuts how do you expect people to get his smell? This is how we run the great show of election in most villages and towns of Nagaland. Those who wrongly claim themselves to be political leaders ridicule Nagaland in this manner.
What if Congress forms the government in the next election at the centre? Many Naga political leaders will shift to the party. They will despise the former government as though the government has failed miserable and committed suicide in front of him. They will transfer themselves even at midnight to Congress. They will adopt Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi as their beloved sister and brother respectively. Is this not a funny political life?
We do not know how to enjoy politics. Because of this, every election becomes a battle field, a burden on the head, a time to create more enemies. Ask any good souls regarding election, they will reply you with the same words, “Election ahile alchi ase, jakara bishi ulai jai. Bhat sat bi mon aram pra khabole napare.” Is this not a sad story of our own people? Instead of reaping the good fruit of election, Nagas are enjoying the curse of election. It has become an unending chain of tragedy.
I am sure the resorts in Kaziranga are already booked for Naga political campaign and camping. Assam is a wet state. Why to camp inside Nagaland, dry state? It will be a dusty campaign. Political migration takes place in groups in the highest spirit possible in Assam. The spirits of Nagas are seen more in Assam than Nagaland.
If a leader is truly committed to his party, he sacrifices his whole life for the good of the party. He commits himself for the cause of the party. He will rejoice in the happiness of the party and share its failure and sorrows. Such leaders are true leaders yet only few are found to be so. Good leaders live by convictions and principles. But people who only look for personal benefits will move about restlessly every day in search of green pastures. The more the money or profit, the more the pastures look green. A smiling face in front of the bundle of notes and a long sad face before a few coins may change the destiny of Nagas.
With much concern,
Rev. Fr. G. L. Khing

By EMN Updated: Jun 14, 2017 10:41:16 pm