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Police roll out riders to check festivity overdrive

By EMN Updated: Dec 04, 2015 11:24 pm

Dimapur, December 4

With the onset of the festive season and in the interest to enable ‘easy access’ to shoppers and related activities in Dimapur, the commercial city’s police authorities have issued a number of regulations, include a number for traffic and several for the use of crackers. The Dimapur police issued a press release directing citizens and all in concern to comply with the directives for a safe and enjoyable festive experience.
Talking of enjoyable, the police have licensed one of the world’s most demonized items of celebrations– firecrackers. Firecrackers have been causing sleepless nights to babies, the ill and the elderly, not to mention the hazards it causes to animals and the environment.
Traffic (Verbatim)
• The new timings for restriction of entry of heavy vehicles within the city limit of Dimapur shall be enforced between 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM. The earlier timing was between 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM. The new timings will be enforced with immediate effect.
• The compound of Christian Higher Secondary School, Dimapur will be available for parking of vehicles between 09:00 Am to 05:00 AM. This shall be available with effect from 07/12/2015 to 24/12/2015. The parking arrangements and security will be taken care by the Baptist Youth Fellowship, Dimapur. A nominal parking fee will be levied.
• The parking stretch from Plaza Restaurant to Potteries Emporium (Entry of CHSS) will be made a no parking zone for four wheelers.
• The Traffic Police will be conducting regular checks on drivers with breathe analyzers to detect those driving under influence of alcohol. They will be accordingly penalized if found beyond permissible limit.
• The Traffic Police would also like to encourage the citizens to lodge complaint against any commercial vehicles found charging exorbitant fares. Complaint can be placed to Traffic Control Zone-I at +91 7085055038 and Traffic Control Zone-II at +91 7085055039.
License / permits for sale of fire crackers
Instead of checking one of the most demonized–and rightly hazardous–firecrackers, the Dimapur authorities will be licensing sale of the nuisance and health hazard.
“All license and permits for the sale of fire crackers shall be issued by the office of the Commissioner of Police. The following circular is issued for public information,” the press release read. The terms are (verbatim):
• Vide Home Department Order No.POL-1/ESTT/13/3014/E dated 17.12.2014, the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur has been conferred the powers and duties of a ‘District Magistrate’ for various Acts and Legislations. Any Licensing power that emanates from these Acts shall be exercised by the Police Commissioner.
• Rule-7 of the Explosive Rules,2008 provides that no person shall manufacture, import, export, transport, possess for sale or use an explosive except as authorized or license under these rules.
• Rule-99, read with para 5(b) of Schedule-IV of the Explosive Rules,2008 provides that the Commissioner of Police/District Magistrate as the Licencing Authority is authorised to grant Licence for the possession and sale from a shop, at any one time, not exceeding 100 Kilograms of manufactured fireworks of Class 7, sub- division 2.
• Rule 6(1) of the said Rules also prohibits the import, transport, manufacture, possession, use and sale of any explosive unless, it has been declared as an authorized explosive by an order issued by the Chief Controller and published by the Central Government in the official Gazette.
• In the light of the above provisions, the dealer in fireworks must take appropriate License/Permit from the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur/District Magistrate, observing the requirements of the Explosive Act,1884 and the Explosive Rules, 2008.

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