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Poetry collection ‘Out of Wonder’ released

By EMN Updated: Feb 04, 2020 11:10 am
Dr. Tetsuo Kashiwagi and his wife Michiko are seen here with Agnes Tepa and Seyie Tepa during the release of the book “Out of Wonder”.

Dimapur, Feb. 4 (EMN): “Out of  Wonder”, a collection of 105 poems written by Agnes Tepa accompanied with paintings by her husband Seyie Tepa was formally released by Dr. Tetsuo Kashiwagi, director of Hospice and Advisor, Yodogawa Christian Hospital, Osaka Japan, and his wife, Michiko Kashiwagi on January 30 at their residence in Ibaraki city, Osaka, Japan.

As per an update, the book launch event was organised by the president of the Nagas Japanese Foundation, Mutsezo Tetseo.

Releasing the 177-page hardcover book, Kashiwagi expressed hope that the book would bring pleasure and be a source of inspiration to its readers. Author of the book also read two of her poems titled “Out of Wonder” and “A new heaven and a new earth” during the launch event while Seyie Tepa shared about his painting titled “Babe of Bethlehem.”

A review by Dr. Brian M Albrecht, president of MissionGO, Buffalo, New York, that has been included in the book, read: “Agnes touches on subjects that are derived directly from scripture. Her poems have a depth of meaning, which focuses you on your innermost feelings and thoughts. Intimacy with God, relationships, and Bible passages help us reflect on our lives and how we are living it.”

Meanwhile, in his review of Seyie’s paintings, Robin Temsu, assistant professor and HoD, department of History, Sazolie College, Jotsoma, said that “Seyie Tepa belongs to a rare breed of art chroniclers, who can transcend the obvious and articulate the schisms of his time, and ours, both in terms of ideas in the market place and the expression of The Word. His paintings reveal a deep sense of spiritual gratitude to his Maker. Besides being aesthetic, his paintings lure the audience to a world of wonders, not only assaulting their sensory perception but also provoking them to question their widely held dogmatic beliefs that are often left unchallenged. His subjects are profoundly socio-spiritual in context and message. Self-taught and original to the core, his works are bold, sensitive and outrageously enchanting. There is something for everyone to “think” and “ponder” in this latest work, which is a collaboration with his lovely wife Agnes, an emerging poet in our creative landscape.”

Agnes Tepa is a university gold medalist, a recipient of Governor’s gold medal and the first recipient of Mayangnokcha Award Trust North East Sun Running Trophy. She is also the author of ‘Adventures of Lhüsaku & Other Stories’ and co-author of ‘Echoes of Spring’. Her husband, Seyie Tepa is a recipient of Governor’s Award for excellence in Art (2008) and North East Young Talent Award (2008). The two got married in 2009 and are blessed with three daughters, to whom the book is also dedicated, according to the update received here on Tuesday.

“Out of Wonder” is the 29th publication of PenThrill Publication House and will soon be available in Kohima at Crossword, Chapru, Bible House, Gutouch and Fusion Store, Dimapur and

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