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Plot twist: Counter FIR against doctor

By EMN Updated: Aug 26, 2020 12:08 am

Dimapur, Aug. 25 (EMN): Another version of the August 21 incident has emerged following the registration of a first information report (FIR) against Dr. Atoka Wotsa, who has claimed that he is the victim in the episode.

In a counter FIR lodged at West police station in Dimapur, the section commander of B Coy., 13 NAP (IR) Battalion, Kewechulo, stated that he, along with four other IRB personnel namely, Imjungmeren, Bokavi Sumi, Zubonthung Lotha and Odinungsang Ao, was patrolling Dhobinala area that night.

‘While performing duty, one vehicle approached us at around 10.30 pm and informed us that some youth were fighting near Sewak road junction. On receiving the information, I along with my duty personnel immediately rushed to the spot for intervention and found two men standing outside their respective vehicles, engaged in a heated altercation.

‘When enquired what the issue was, the older man (later identified as Dr. Atoka Wotsa) replied that the front vehicle (Nissan Micra) having five youngsters was blocking his passage. But immediately, the driver of the front vehicle replied that the doctor was threatening them with one big wooden club/stick and he requested to save them,’ read the FIR.  So one of the IRB personnel asked the doctor, who was driving a Mahindra Jeep Compass, why he had armed himself with such a big wooden club/stick, to which he replied that “it was his wish” and carries it around for self-defence since he performs duties at night, it stated.

By then, the matter was already relayed to the West police station, and “one of my personnel asked the drivers of both the vehicles to switch off the headlights and hand over the keys to him as thana officials were arriving at the spot soon”, it added.

Then suddenly, it alleged, Wotsa “became aggressive” towards the IRB personnel and verbally abused them. 

‘Then he started physically charging at one of the jawans and grabbing him by the neck, and in the scuffle both fell to the ground. This ghastly behaviour of the violent doctor, obstructing discharge of lawful duty provoked the anger of the jawan and he retaliated by picking up the wooden club/stick which was lying on the ground and he hit the bonnet of the doctor’s vehicle.

‘The same doctor, for the second time, grabbed hold of the neck of the same jawan from behind and this time too both fell to the ground again. Soon the other jawans intervene and separated them. At this time, the thana officials arrived at the spot and intervened,’ the FIR read.

The IRB personnel involved in the scuffle ‘suffered some bruises (left elbow, on both hands, left knee and his uniform shirt was torn), it stated and sought ‘necessary legal actions’ against the doctor for  ‘physically assaulting a police personnel on bonafide government duty and obstructing law enforcement personnel in the discharge of mandated law and order duties, and disturbing public peace and tranquillity’.

By EMN Updated: Aug 26, 2020 12:08:13 am
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