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Plaza bakery and Modern ice cream factory ordered to shut down

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jul 22, 2018 12:07 am
A view of the kitchen inside Plaza bakery in Dimapur. (EM Images)

Dimapur, July 21 (EMN): One of Dimapur’s oldest and most well known bakeries, and an ice-cream factory in Dimapur have been ordered to shut down for improvement because of unhygienic conditions they reportedly operate in. The development comes after food safety officers and members of the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries, and the Naga Council of Dimapur inspected bakeries and industrial units in an around Dimapur town.

Confirming the news to Eastern Mirror, Food Safety Commissioner (FSC) Himato Zhimomi said he was ‘extremely shocked’ to see the condition of Plaza bakery’s kitchen. Plaza is considered one of the oldest bakeries in Dimapur town.

The bakery’s kitchen, he said, was in extremely unhygienic and unacceptable condition. “We trust their trade as one of the oldest bakery in town and they have betrayed our trust. We are not eating for free but they have been taking us for ride by functioning in an unhygienic kitchen to their customers,” remarked Zhimomi.

The bakery’s kitchen needs extensive renovation and will have to stay shut until they are ready with hygienic conditions, the authorities said. If not, their trade license will be revoked, Zhimomi said.

The same applies to Modern ice-cream factory, which has been ordered to shut down and renovate with hygienic condition, the FSC informed.

The traders and sellers cannot take consumers for granted. Both the parties will be given a notice and if they fail to comply with it, they will be asked to shut down and their trade licenses revoked, Zhimomi added.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jul 22, 2018 12:07:39 am