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Plan panel nod for foothill road

By EMN Updated: Aug 12, 2013 1:01 am

KOHIMA, August 11

MINISTER for Planning and Coordination, Evaluation, Geology and Mining, TR Zeliang today disclosed that the Planning Commission has directed the State government to go ahead with the construction of the mega foothill road from Tizit to Khelma. He said the Planning Commission had also assured to release the finds for the construction of the road at the earliest, but hasewww not indicated the amount.Talking to NEPS here, the minister said “We are urging them to release the fund as early as possible for this project.”
He said the request to the centre is based on the fact that not a single national project in exists in Nagaland till date. Whereas the neighbouring states have at least two to three national projects.
The Minister, who recently met the Deputy Chairman Planning Commission along with Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio at Delhi, said the failure to concede to the request would be deemed as a step-motherly, treatment towards the state.
The Minister, however, stated that sometimes risks have to be taken in order to carry out serious developmental activities in the State.
“I was also told the Ao Senden that landowners and VIP have assured that there will be no interference particularly in the section of the foothill road construction,” he said. “Let the technical people do the job.”
The Minister also disclosed that his recent meeting with the Planning Commission officials was also for the funding of the upcoming State Golden Jubilee Celebration and the construction of new Ministerial bungalows at the new State capital areas.

By EMN Updated: Aug 12, 2013 1:01:52 am