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Picnic turns tragic as three drown in Dzükou

By EMN Updated: Dec 28, 2014 12:21 am

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In what has turned out be a tragedy, three persons from Khonoma village who went for picnic on December 26 died after they got drowned in a deep frozen lake at Sanctuary Fall in western Dzükou. The incident occurred as the three stepped on a cracked iceberg in the middle of the frozen lake while taking positions for photograph.
Reports reaching here said the victims, one male and two females, felt into the lake at around 10.30 am on Friday. Their bodies are still submerged deep under the water and remained untraced till the time of filing of this report.
The three deceased are all school going children. The male victim, Rokosietso Mor (19), is a Class 12 student of Government Higher Secondary School, Kohima while his younger sister Ketourovino Mor (14) is a Class 9 student of Godwin Higher Secondary School, Chumukedima. They are children of Cakholie Mor. The third victim, Mhiesikhono Viyie (14), is the daughter of Megoneilhou Viyie and a Class 9 student of St. John Bosco School, Khonoma.
Right after the incident, sources said, a friend of the victims who was among the picnic party rushed to Khonoma village to inform the people about it. However, though many people rushed to the spot, they could not retrieve the bodies as the freezing temperature prevented them from going deep into the ice-covered lake which is reported to be 20 feet deep and 30 feet in diameter.
Youth and volunteers right after receiving the information on December 26 rushed to the spot in large number but failed to locate the bodies. And even on Saturday, as many as 500 people from Khonoma, neighbouring villages and volunteers from far and near went up to the spot. It was also learn that expert divers from Doyang area came all the way from Wokha to offer help but failed to recover the bodies as they also feared diving into the ice-covered lake.
Latest reports reaching here, however, said Army personnel from Rangapahar have reached Khonoma village and will be staying for the night to start search for the bodies early Sunday morning.
Talking to Eastern Mirror, one village elder has pinned his hope the bodies will be retrieved on Sunday. He said the Army personnel have brought equipments to dive into the water.
He also added that over 200 volunteers are still camping in several locations in and around Dzükou valley to continue the search on Sunday and also to assist in bringing back the bodies if retrieved.

By EMN Updated: Dec 28, 2014 12:21:44 am