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Picking up of K Solomon baffles RNPC

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2014 1:37 am

Why the Special Task Force should pick up K. Solomon Rengma in the dead of the night, as admitted by the STF ‘source’ to local media, baffles the Rengma Naga Peoples’ Council (RNPC) unless it was to discourage the agitation of Rengma Nagas in Assam for its political identity. The motive of the STF is suspect. Was it formed with a political agenda? The source also described the arrested Gen. Secy as a ‘responsible leader?’ Is this how Nagaland police treats responsible leaders? After surrounding the house with a platoon-size police personnel, seizing the person like a common criminal and releasing him after 5 hours at 4 am, are we to think that this is routine police questioning? Rather, the RNPC is surprised that STF is using the same tactics as used by militant organisations to terrorize innocent publics. Do we see the same modus-operandi here? Was the STF formed to operate only at night? Is RNPC supposed to thank the police that Solomon was dropped back to his house with his bones and flesh intact? How is it that the STF cannot differentiate between RNPC and RNHPF? Does the STF know that its irresponsible actions have outraged the sentiments of right-thinking citizens? Is Solomon a fugitive or was he hiding underground that his family and relatives had to be terrorized at 11 pm by police? Since the reputation of Solomon and the Rengma community as a whole has been sullied by the police, the STF should indeed prove that Solomon is a terrorist and if it cannot, the state government should issue a public apology. It cannot send STF on a witch-hunt and escape responsibility.
The office of the RNPC, Dimapur branch, is open from 9am-4pm during which time the STF can openly walk in for any information.
Shahi K Rengma
President, RNPC

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2014 1:37:19 am