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Phuye Old stretching wings for progress

By EMN Updated: Aug 14, 2014 10:25 pm

Hukhevi Swu

Phuye Old Village is one of the many villages of Suruhoto sub-division in Zunheboto district of Nagaland. It is located 18 km towards East from district headquarters Zunheboto.
Though surrounded by beautiful mountains and nestled in a picturesque hill district, Phuye Old longs for further development for its inhabitants. The nearby towns to Phuye Old are Suruhoto, Zunheboto, Tuensang, Mokokchung and Wokha. This place is in the border of the Zunheboto and Tuensang districts.
The Village’s Head Gaon Bura (GB) Tokiho Awomi said amongst us, those who are a little educated get jobs, so they leave the village and go, but what about the others?” Almost all youth have left the village for better education and job opportunities, he pointed out.
A hilly place, Zunheboto is covered by evergreen forests and surrounded by small streams and rivers. Zunheboto is the home to the Sumi Nagas, a warrior tribe of Nagaland. Head hunting was practiced extensively until the advent of the Christian missionaries who converted the warriors to Christianity.
It is home to the Nagaland University whose campus is situated in the village of Lumami in the sub division of Akuluto. This has become the cultural center for the people of Nagaland, as all the Nagas irrespective of tribes come to study here. Agriculture being the mainstay of the villagers, the people of Phuye Old also sells fruits for their livelihood. Grazing cattle and fishing are also part of their lives. The villagers are very hard-working but lack infrastructure.
So the village Headman decided one day that he would cut a pass through the hill to connect the village to the nearest town of Suruhoto for the convenience of the villagers.
For this, Awomi requested Shetoyi Yepthomi, who is the MLA of Suruhoto assembly constituency. The village falls under this constituency. The MLA also happens to be the Parliamentary Secretary of the Government of Nagaland.
For the aid of the village and villagers, the MLA provided technical and financial help.
Taking the gesture of the MLA as positive sign, the head GB said such initiative of the MLA would not only benefit the rural and hilly people of Phuye Old but also set an example for the other elected representatives of the state to carry out necessary welfare works for the people of their respective constituencies as well.
He also informed that Phuye Old is not the only village who is getting the help from the MLA but other villages as well in the constituency. Awomi, while terming Yeptho as visionary, also lauded the local MLA for his welfare activities for the mass.
The head GB referred to the MLA as popular leader of the area, and added that such developmental works would further boost his political image.
While taking this opportunity, Awomi further requested the elected representatives of the state to carry out developmental activities in their respective areas to make Nagaland a developed state.
The head GB added that the state government must ensure development of roads, setting up of industries, skill development of youth, providing subsidized loans for local entrepreneurs and to formulate ways to develop village economy to arrest the migration of villagers to other towns of the state, for livelihood.

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