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Phom community celebrate 68 years of ending head hunting

By EMN Updated: Jun 08, 2020 11:57 pm
M Shayung Phom seen with community leaders during the Phom Day programme at Police headquarter in Longleng on June 6.

Dimapur, June 8 (EMN): 68th Phom Day was observed at the Police headquarter in Longleng on June 6, with Deputy Commissioner M Shayung Phom as the special guest.

Phom Day marks the end of head hunting era and the beginning of peace and harmony among the Phom community, stated an update received here on Monday.

‘Head hunting was the worst social evil practice of that time. So the government in cooperation with church and the community leaders of that time decided to put an end to the cruel practice of head hunting and subsequently, the practice of head hunting was stopped,’ it stated.

On June 6, the community leaders pledged to maintain peace and remain loyal to the government. Since then, the day has been observed annually till today..

‘Phom day gave new national identity by coming out of the village mindset to the level of tribe, state, nation and globally. It is a unique day that has broadened the mental horizon of the Phom community towards peace and development,’ it read.

On the occasion, the DC, in his message, called upon all the Phom community to extend physical, moral and material support in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We would swim or sink together because virus does not see our religion, nationality, gender, political party affiliation, and denomination. It will affect any one of us so let us all leave behind our cynicism and fight the virus united and determinedly,” he said.

He maintained that the first generation of ‘modern Phoms’ stopped the head hunting practice while the next generation focused on literacy and tried to bring social changes like launching literacy campaign, sanitation movement, liquor eradication crusade and revival movement spearheaded by the church and clean examination movement led by the students.

The guest speaker also appealed to all to appreciate the people who are in the quarantine centres because they are patiently confined in isolation for weeks.

With everyone facing the Covid-19 pandemic for the first time, he said there may be many loopholes from various angles while handling the cases. The mistakes are not intentional, he added.

“The big watch word of this year’s Phom day is to fight the Covid-19 with unified force,” he asserted.

The DC also launched Phom day video called “Sharing Peace Within” on YouTube.

The day was observed by leaders of the Phom community strictly maintaining the guidelines of the government.

By EMN Updated: Jun 08, 2020 11:57:42 pm