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Phom Baptist Christian Association Longleng upholds NLTP Act

By EMN Updated: Aug 13, 2014 12:20 am

There has been a lot of deliberation on Lifting of the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act. Proponents of the Act cradle their argument on two issues: One, adulterated/contaminated/diluted drinks, and Two, State Revenue.
Over the decades hundreds of people who have been deeply engaged in the habit of drinking have come seeking help from the Church (for Counselling and Prayers) in order to restrain or get rid of the drinking habit having realized how one had wasted time, resources, family and life. The issue has never been on “Using adulterated or contaminated or diluted drinks”, but the issue has been on “DRINKING.”
Proponents need to look through how much has Liquor done to the individual, family and society. One who drinks loses time, wealth, Children’s happiness, comfort, including the soul, and thus, drinking has produced evils more deadly.
On the issue of Revenue, the Phom Baptist Christian Association, Nyengching: Longleng states the role of the Church/Association in the last 3-4 decades on how the church have been engaged in liberating the people from economic impoverishment not to mention the spiritual concerns.
PHOM BAPTIST CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION (PBCA) NYENGCHING, LONGLENG besides its Spiritual Endeavours (which is the paramount of its existence), since its inception has been deeply engaged in the economic elevation of the people through Agriculture, horticulture and Allied sector Development Programs, Water resources development, Terrace farming, Non-Farm Livelihood Activities and sustainability, Introduction of Self Help Groups (SHGs), promoting different Vocational Trainings and other Self Reliance and Income Generating Projects, different Development Activities for Women and children, Low Cost Technology, Community health: Leprosy Eradication Program, General Health Camps, Establishing Schools, Establishing Hostels for orphans, Advocacy Campaign on AIDS & HIV, Micro Finance/Financial Inclusion Program, Peace Initiatives, Economic Sustainability, and recently on Climate Change and related issues.
The above mentioned activities are not to showcase our achievements but it is imperative to make such a mention because the Church has not been just cradling around pulpit ministry within the four walls of the Church. However, while Spiritual development of its members and Mission strategies has been its paramount importance, the church could elevate the economy of the people without grants and support from the Government.
The issue is not huge funds, grants or other sanctions coming from any Government (central or state). The key concern is the integrity of the implementing agency, society, organization, office or even the Government especially the people who are involved. Overemphasis on “Loss of Revenue” just because Liquor prohibition is not lifted, is a very short outlook. Proponents do not seem to have broader vision and aren’t able to explore more or better funds than sale of Liquor. How can one confine generating State Revenue just to “sale of wine” or “sustainability” into such a Resource? Modernity demands leadership who capacitates and empowers people and more importantly generates elongated and sustainable funds from different quarters through use of mind and different aptitudes.
One should realize that Drinking has lots of domestic evils and Health has become a major issue. The addicts do not live for long. Liver deterioration, lung cancer, and early death are the talk of the present society. Even salaried person cannot manage to run the family when absorbed in such addiction. In a place where there is a mass growth of alcoholics, marijuana addicts, drug addicts; there is the birth of poverty, stealing, quarrel and social unrest. The family whose father mostly is addicted to alcohol cannot send their children to better schools and colleges to receive quality education. Most of them are also involved in legal cases, creating tensions within the family circle, friends, and society including communal clashes due to misunderstandings generated by such individuals. Liquor itself harasses the individual, the family and the society in a larger concept and the Church has been implicated to solve when no other system could. Thus, Liquor has produced a great negative impact for the individual, the family and the society involved in the circle. Does anyone care? Who is taking the burden to eradicate these issues and how far is the responsibility been taken up by the proponents in the district and the state in general? Responsible citizens need to open their minds and see through the issues and much of such mess in our Naga Soil.
How can we even deliberate on lifting the Liquor Prohibition Act when people who have been engaged in drinking are recovering from addiction? Many have just started to adjust life without Liquor having experience the truth of its ill effect? And wine sellers are trying to find other means of sustainability? How could one see Lifting of the Liquor Act as Revenue generating at the expense of the alcoholic’s health, life and the family involved in this trauma? Proponents may look at the problem at hand and give their suggestion, but the Church looks at the future and chooses to edify it today.
In Longleng, Broader consultation on Total Liquor Prohibition Act and any other Intoxicating Substances has been initiated by various bodies (not just the Church) on different occasions whereby all responsible organizations and leaders participate. Citizen Teams and different organizations of the district are the vigilant and a positive force by organizing different activities to ban trafficking, selling and consumption of liquor and such substance abuse. Taking serious consideration on the loss of Life, ripping of human relationships, creating chaos in the society at large, such groups are found to be taking serious importance to rehabilitate the messed up society by investing time, funds, resources etc., etc.
Thus, the Church invokes NLTP (Act, 1989) to be practically implicated. With the strong support of various bodies and individuals in Longleng District, which is a People’s movement, the Phom Baptist Christian Association Nyengching, Longleng which has been actively engaged in the spiritual maturity of its members as well as radically involved in the Building of Phom Society will continue to stand firm and strongly voice against the flow of Liquor and other intoxicating substances which annihilate God’s Beautiful Creation. The Phom Baptist Christian Association shouldering the Voice and the support of the CITIZENS OF PHOM PEOPLE OF LONGLENG DISTRICT Reaffirm its Commitment to uphold Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition (NLTP) Act, 1989.

Nuklu Phom
Executive Secretary
Phom Baptist Christian Association

By EMN Updated: Aug 13, 2014 12:20:16 am