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Piphema ‘A’ Inter-Colony sports meet concluded

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Dec 29, 2023 8:33 pm
The victorious men’s football team from Churches Colony after their win at Piphema ‘A’ Local Ground on Friday in Chümuokedima. (EM Images)

CHÜMUOKEDIMA — The fourth edition of the Piphema ‘A’ Inter-Colony Sports Meet concluded on Friday at Piphema ‘A’ Local Ground in Chümuokedima.

In the fiercely contested men’s football, Churches Colony emerged as champions, securing the championship title, while Niathu Colony clinched the runner-up position.

Transitioning to the volleyball arena, High School Colony claimed the championship title in the men’s category, while Niathu Colony secured the runner-up position.

Churches Colony dominated the women’s volleyball, securing the top position, with Ground Colony closely following in second place.

The tug-of-war battles saw Churches Colony also securing the first position, while Niathu Colony claimed the runner-up position.

In the women’s category, High School Colony emerged triumphant, with Ground Colony securing the runner-up position.

The closing ceremony was marked by the prize distribution with Keneiwhelie Kimho, chairman of Piphema ‘A’ Village, handing out cash awards and citations.

Seyiezhato Kimho, president of Chakhroma Public Organisation, graced the two-day sports meet hosted by Churches Colony, Piphema ‘A’ Village on Thursday.

Keneitsizo Linus Keyho, a member of the organising committee, informed this newspaper that the annual sports event is a beacon for fostering brotherhood, understanding, and promoting sports among the younger generations.

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By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Dec 29, 2023 8:33:17 pm
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