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Phek council responds to reports of assault

By EMN Updated: Dec 27, 2016 11:07 pm

Dimapur, Dec. 27: The Phek Village Council (PVC) has issued a statement stating to clarify events surrounding the alleged assault of a youth reportedly for undertaking a signature campaign in support of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council’s (NBCC) Clean Elections campaign.

A copy of the village’s statement was received here on Tuesday. The PVC expressed regret that “certain outside forces have been trying to destabilize the peaceful initiative of the village council through some individuals.”

“…the council regrets to state that certain outside forces have been trying to destabilize the peaceful initiative of the village council through some individuals. Hence, the council keeping in mind the interest of the village has taken action against the divisive forces upholding the annual council resolutions,” the press release stated.

The council cautioned ‘all individuals not to interfere in the affairs of the village so that the peaceful ambiance is not disturbed in the days to come.’

The village council said it was ‘pained to issue this press rejoinder’ over reports accusing the Phek village youth of taking law into own hands by manhandling one Khochiyi for propagating the Nagaland Baptist Church Council’s Clean Election Campaign.

“The village council just like any other villages is never against Clean Election Campaign. The PVC in fact, welcomes any positive initiative of the NBCC or any other organisation,” the council asserted. “However, the council is against any individual taking advantage of such noble campaigns to disturb the unity of the village. Furthermore, elections are not due in Nagaland till 2018, as such, the village council is not aware of any individual been entrusted to carry out signature campaigns within the village by the NBCC or any other organisation.”

According to the council, “While the whole village is in the yuletide spirit, Khochiyi was caught carrying out signature campaigns violating the village councils standing resolutions thereby bypassing the councils authority.”

The council therefore took necessary action for the interest of the village and not for any election purpose or for any political party or candidates as alleged, the press release stated.

“In fact, the youth organisation requested time and again to clarify his actions and declare who had entrusted him to carry out signature campaign, which he refused to comply for reasons best known to himself. As such, as authorised by the council, the village youth was compelled to take necessary steps to insure that such malpractices does not become a regular practice in the village in the days to come.”

Regarding the removal of one Vekhupa, a village council member in-charge of their education committee, the council said to have relieved him of his assignment “for going against the council resolutions.”

The council has warned members to uphold resolutions and ‘not go against the binding rules laid down.’

“Hence, the council clarifies that his removal has nothing to do with anything as alleged but his acts of going against the interest of the village,” the press release added.

By EMN Updated: Dec 27, 2016 11:07:32 pm