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Friday, June 21, 2024

PF members can update or correct their profile data online: EPFO

By IANS Updated: Jun 01, 2024 8:33 pm

NEW DELHI — The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on Saturday said that PF members can now request a change or rectification in their data online and upload the relevant prescribed documents.

The EPFO has operationalised a new software functionality on its website for PF members to update/correct their profile like name, gender, date of birth, parent name, marital status, nationality and Aadhaar, etc.

“The integrity of the data in the Member Profile is, thus, being ensured by a Standard Operating Process (SOP) issued by the EPFO on August 22, 2023. It has now been operationalised by EPFO in a digital online mode,” said the organisation.

Members have already started filing their requests using this new facility out of which around 40,000 are already approved by the field offices of EPFO.

“The requests land at the employers’ end, who after verification recommend it for approval. They have received around 2.75 lakh such requests till now,” said the EPFO.

The consistency of the data of the member in the records of the EPFO is of paramount importance to ensure that the services are provided online seamlessly and to the correct member duly avoiding any risk of erroneous payments or frauds.

Presently, around 7.5 crore members are actively contributing to the provident fund, pension and insurance schemes each month.

The EPFO said that in the first two months of this financial year, around 87 lakh claims had been settled in the form of social security benefits like advances for housing, post matriculate education of children, marriage, illness, final Provident Fund settlements, pension, insurance etc.

“The members claim these benefits online which has been made possible through a robust computer software application, which validates the data of the member in the Universal Account Number (UAN),” the organisation noted.

By IANS Updated: Jun 01, 2024 8:33:08 pm
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