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Petrol and diesel prices hiked again; rates increased by INR 10 per litre in 16 days

By Mirror Desk Updated: Apr 06, 2022 7:16 pm

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Dimapur, April 6 (EMN):
The prices of petrol and diesel were hiked again on Wednesday by 80 paise each per litre, taking the total increase in rates in the last 16 days to INR 10 per litre.

In Kohima, petrol price has increased from INR 107.73 per litre on Tuesday to INR 108.57 per litre, and diesel price from INR 93.82 per litre to INR 94.62 per litre after the latest hike, according to the Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

In Delhi, petrol price has been increased to INR 105.41 per litre from INR 104.61 previously, while diesel price has gone up from INR 95.87 per litre to INR 96.67 per litre after Wednesday’s hike.

Petrol prices have surged past INR 100 a litre mark in all major cities across the country while diesel is above that level in several places in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Chattisgarh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, reported PTI.

It added that Parbhani in Maharashtra has the costliest petrol in the country at INR 123.46 a litre, while diesel is costliest at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh at INR 107.61 a litre.

Fuel rates vary from state to state and location to location depending on local taxes and transportation cost.

International oil prices, which neared USD 140 a barrel following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have tempered to around USD 107 per barrel, but fuel prices continue to be on the rise in India as state-owned fuel retailers cover for the holding rates for a record 137 days during elections in states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, reported PTI.

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