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Peren’s health establishment reviews month’s work

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2015 11:50 pm

Dimapur, February 5

The establishment of the chief medical officer of Peren district held its district meeting on February 5 in the IDSP’s conference hall. The meeting was attended by the district program officers, senior medical personnel and associated health workers.
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ngangshimeren acknowledged the district program officers and medical officers and everyone involved during the first phase of the polio immunization program as well as working for health fairs held the past month. He lauded them for their effort and support in successfully carrying out the programs. also stressed on the importance of Village Health Nutrition Day and it is the duty of the ANM’s to give prior information to ASHA’s to ensure that the public is aware and avail the services provided. He also said that VHND is the main factor in order to improve the District performance.
DPO RCH/UIP Dr. Khrielasanuo also spoke, calling for timely immunization and that the VHND to be strictly conducted in every village. She also pointed to the health centers whose performances were good and vice versa. She highlighted schedules of basic immunization during the event.
Also addressing the meeting was DPO of DAPCU Khriethonuo Tungoe. She highlighted “Empower”, an initiative of the DAPCU of Peren that provides educational support to children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in the district. Concluding the meeting, CMO urged the medical officers of the area to be regular in their places of posting and that no rosters or ‘proxy’ shall be accepted. The next meeting has been scheduled to be held on March 5.

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2015 11:50:54 pm