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Don’t alter NH-129A specs — Peren public

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2021 9:23 pm

Dimapur, Jan. 20 (EMN): Chairmen and GBs from different wards in Peren district have resolved that construction of NH-129A (Package 1A) 2-lane National Highway from Peren to Dimapur must take place as per specification in the DPR approved by the Ministry of MoRTH, government of India, and compensation for damages to standing structures must be assessed considering 18-20 metres as the width.

The resolution to this effect was taken during a consultative meeting held at GB Hall at Peren town on January 17. The consultative meeting was convened to deliberate on matters pertaining to construction of NH-129A (Package 1A) 2-lane National Highway from Peren to Dimapur, an update from sessional chairman Pingkam Namdau and sessional secretary Kurai Ngia.

Stating that the revised compensation details submitted to the Commissioner of Nagaland vide DC Peren Letter No. PRN/DEV-15/2016/923 dated January 13, 2021, was biased, unjust and arbitrary, the house appealed to the concerned authority to nullify the same at the earliest.

The house also endorsed and supported the memorandum of Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland and Zeme Council Nagaland written to Commissioner of Nagaland dated January 15, 2021, citing grievances of the public caused due to alteration made to NH- 129A Package 1A. It added that the public of Peren town would stand committed to the cause.

The further entrusted the sessional chairman of the consultative meeting, Pingkam Namdau to submit representation to the concerned authority on behalf of the general public of Peren town and pursue all other matters with the government for resolution of the matter at an early date.

Meanwhile, in a representation to the Commissioner of Nagaland, the members called upon the concerned authority to nullify/ invalidate the revised compensation details which was submitted vide DC, Peren Letter No. PRN/DEV- 15/2016/923 dated January 13, 2021, and accordingly issue direction for review of compensation for damages to standing structures considering 18-20 metres as the width for the upcoming NH-129A Package 1A.

It alleged that Peren district administration, in connivance with few public leaders of Peren town, had taken biased, unjust and arbitrary decision in formulating the said revised compensation details and the same was forwarded to the concerned authority countersigned by DC Peren, SDO PWD (Housing) and president of Peren Town Ward Chairmen Union.
The members also claimed that it was carried out without consulting the concerned stakeholders adding it has not only deprived the compensation rights of several landowners but also downgraded the anticipated 2-lane National Highway to an ordinary single lane road.

It also stated that Peren Town Ward Chairmen Union, CSOs or CBOs had ever given its consent or approval for assessment of damage compensation to standing structures considering 12/14 metre as the width of the National Highway. As such, it stated that any endorsement given by the president of Peren Town Ward Chairmen Union or any other individuals was a result of their personal judgement and did not carry the voice of neither Peren Town Ward Chairmen Union nor the public of Peren town.

The project was accorded sanction by GoI as per DPR submitted for construction of a 2-lane National Highway and there is no valid purpose as to why the width or length of the 2-lane National Highway should be distorted without the consent and knowledge of the concerned stakeholders, the representation added.

It further expressed confidence that the concerned authority would promote and instil the spirit of fair practice, transparency and accountability in resolution of the matter at an early date.

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2021 9:23:55 pm