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Peoples’ destiny lies in our unity — Manipur outfit

By Our Correspondent Updated: Nov 24, 2018 10:19 pm

Our Correspondent
Imphal, Nov. 24 (EMN): Manipur based proscribed United National Liberation Front (ULF) on the occasion of its 54th anniversary on Saturday, said “our peoples’ destiny lies in our unity and togetherness.” Stating that pursuing for an administrative policy based on ethnicity or community does not augur well for a small population like Manipur, the annual statement of central committee of the outfit which was issued to media on the foundation day said, “this will surely weaken us and will be nothing but disastrous for all of us.” The outfit as per the statement believed that for all the small indigenous populations, peaceful co-

existence and co-development would be the only option “to withstand the coming challenges and problems in the future also.”
Claiming that the much hyped Mega Railway Project and Trans-Asian Highway “will bring in countless economic migrants from India and abroad,” the statement said the need to have “heady discussions” among the academicians, intellectuals and entrepreneurs to frame our own policy and program to safeguard our people’s interest. Otherwise, it felt that it will simply be swept away.

Alleging that India’s Act East Policy which will be taken up through Manipur as it’s corridor to South East Asia, is not intended purely for the benefit and development of our peoples, it said, the present trend of economic globalization is cataclysmic for small backward economies of nations like ours which still doesn’t have a sound economic foundation of our own.On the Globalization and India’s Act East Policy, it said, all these will require timely preparation of infrastructure and inner strength so as to be able to absorb the merciless impact of globalization.

Stating that though the outfit has different specific plans for the working class, the same could not be implemented to the desired level because of more pressing political issues, the outfit also sought forgiveness for any mistakes that they have committed in the past years while discharging their revolutionary duties.

On the occasion of its anniversary, the central committee of the outfit greeted the people of Manipur and also to all the fraternal revolutionary parties of Manipur as well as of Western South East Asia.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Nov 24, 2018 10:19:51 pm