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People in a state of confusion: FGN president

By EMN Updated: Aug 15, 2014 1:55 am

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FEDERAL Government of Nagaland (FGN) today celebrated 68th Nagaland Independence Day with its president (Kedahge) Gen. (retd) Viyalie Metha unfurling the Naga national flag in presence of Naga National Council (NNC) president Adinno Phizo at Chedema Peace Camp.
In his message on the occasion, the Kedahge said, “In the present scenario, we are aware of our people confronting a state of confusion and seemingly chaotic condition in midst of rumours, false propaganda, false prophecies, mushrooming factional groups and so on.”
He said these all being fueled by the enemy through a few vulnerable Naga intellects who believe they can handle and resolve the Indo-Naga conflict in connivance with few other organizations.
He reiterated that historically, no Naga community was subdued to rule by any foreign power including the mighty British empire, which was clearly recorded in the “British Record Books”.
Towards the modern history, he said, Naga people rejecting any new agenda, clearly stated to the British Simon Commission (1929) that Nagas should be left alone to stay as in the ancient time.
Subsequently, Nagas declared their independence on August 14, 1947, a day before India attained its independence from their British rulers, he said adding that again the Naga voluntary plebiscite conducted on May 16, 1951 confirmed this with 99% voting in favour to stay independent.
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He maintained that in order to stand united to defend themselves from Indian aggression which began in the year 1954, the Naga people came up together and established the FGN on March 22, 1956.
He recalled that knowing the size of Nagaland and its population, India wanted to annex Nagaland and sent its army, thus fighting an undeclared war against resilient Nagas for almost a decade.
Dwelling on the matter of exploitation of minerals and natural resources, he termed it as ‘illegal’ stating that some unscrupulous self-seeking persons under the umbrella of enemy protection are found to be continuing without hesitation. The FGN president cautioned such person(s) to stop such illegal activity as they will be accountable to the nation sooner or later.
Maintaining the Naga nation is yet to be freed from Indian occupational forces, he said, “it will be unwise on the part of FGN to react on the folly or enforce legal steps on our own citizens.” He went on to add that “it is needless to say that international problems are resolved at national level not by civil societies or NGOs.”
He, therefore, implored upon the Naga people to rationally understand the national stand and rise up and join hands in Naga nation building.
NNC president Adinno Phizo, in her message, said, “India has got no legal right to claim Nagaland, that is historical fact.”
Nevertheless, she lamented that India invaded Nagaland in 1954 and war continued till the Ceasefire was agreed upon between the FGN and government of India on May 24, 1964. She said though India abrogated the ceasefire agreements on August 31, 1972, the FGN side kept the agreement “no fire unless first fired upon” to this day.
She expressed that in the democratic modern world there are many political parties fighting among themselves for power, but in the matter of the nation’s survival people get together and unite against the enemy.
Nonetheless, questioning in the Naga case, where are we going now, she said certain people take the advantage of the critical situation and even using the ‘Shillong Accord” as their political weapon and do not hesitate to undermine NNC.
“Do they think all Nagas are stupid?,” she said adding that NNC is not a political party and it is not a government but the national foundation of the Nagas.
She said because of this firm foundation, when someone tried to topple the FGN and also betrayed their friends very badly to the enemy, it did not shaken the NNC and FGN. Despite all these, the door is opened to all for national unity and to save our country, she said.
On the occasion, the FGN also remembered and honoured the past leaders and national workers who sacrificed their lives, in blood and tears in defense of Naga nation.
Led by FGN natural resources kilonser V. Phutoi Zhimomi with Naga Army major Ipuakteung as recorder, the celebrations commenced with Scripture reading and prayer by Pastor CRC Chedema Neiselie Keyho. Zeliangrong region and Chedema Women Prayer Group entertained the gathering with folk songs and cultural dance.
FGN killo kilonser Shevohü Keyho made the acknowledgement while CEC NNC Thepfuchütüo tendered the vote of thanks. Former president of ABCC Dziesevilie offered the benediction.
Various civil societies, NGOs and social activists attended the celebrations.

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