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Monday, June 05, 2023

People are watching the Ephemera

By EMN Updated: Mar 14, 2017 1:24 am

Things are happening, people are watching.
Changes are taking place, people are watching.
Leaders are talking, people are watching.

In the vast stretch and expanse of the desert – the chaos concerning the state and national affairs of our Naga people, few oases exist here and there to refresh and provide hope by contributions. In the rush and mess of our own kingdom-building, few KINGDOM persons exist to make a difference. In the midst of shallow and noisy waters, ephemeral illusions and corrosive effects of power and office, all KINGDOM people are challenged to wake up and maximise their impacts. All is not well, but all is not lost. Many things have gone wrong, but not everything.
This is not the time for making inventory of past faults and flaws, but the time to build on what little good things still remain intact. We have a future, it must be bright. Never get lost in the ephemera!
The people are hungry and thirsty for peace. May the present ephemera bring us a transitional or interim political settlement which is reasonable for the time-being and which is workable for all times to come. With a strong Central government at Delhi and with its agencies now in all the four states (this side of the border), can we expect something good out of the present peace process? For this to materialise, our Naga negotiating team should be a good one with senior representatives drawn from all groups or factions, and not ex parte.
Internal bickering should be done away with by all underground leaders as well as all the overground representatives of the public in all the four states. Strike a deal soon, to enable the people in general to lead normal peaceful lives with goodwill towards one another (including our neighbours). God willing, better times may be spared for future generations.
What we all need now for all corners of our land is a respite, a breathing space to continue to live on in order to survive, grow and thrive as a people and as a nation. Ordinary people are all fed up of wars, conflicts, divisions and internal strife. People deserve better times now.
We are all heirs of a legacy. We all sail on together or sink together. Let us build block by block and step by step. They say Rome was not built in a day, so also our dream of a Nagaland for all Nagas. Live and let live, and meanwhile, enjoy the ephemera.
Dr. Dietho-o
‘South Corner’
AG Road, Kohima

By EMN Updated: Mar 14, 2017 1:24:16 am