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Sunday, April 02, 2023

Peace forum takes ideas of peace building to Dimapur locale

By EMN Updated: Sep 29, 2019 11:00 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 29 (EMN): A forum of the Peace Channel has been formed for Y Zhimomi colony in Dimapur. A press release from Peace Channel on Sunday informed about a meeting and formation of “the PFP,” that was conducted on Sep. 27 at the colony in Dimapur, organized by the peace-advocating group.
Caroline Leisan, peace channel’s program coordinator gave a brief introduction about the ‘PFP,’ the press release stated. The full form of the PFP was not stated in the press release.

“PFP is a family of peace lovers and peace promoters who comprise of a group of people coming from different background and professions. A forum that focuses on bringing people together to know each other and discuss about the issues concerning the society, especially those which acts as barriers towards peace building,” the press release stated.

Vitono Haralu, project coordinator of the Peace Channel started the session by saying that every individual, colony and house has their own conflicts.

“Anger is contagious and it is often transferred from one person to the other, which affects not only the adults but children. Peace and conflict comes in different shapes and it is often influenced by circumstances,” she said.

“Yet it depends a lot on how and when it is stopped for avoiding damages. For peace to prevail anywhere ,an individual’s role is very important to be the peace maker, peace keeper and peace builder.”

The resource person also emphasised on the foundation of peace starting from the home to society and how often “we see only the external element and not the internal system of a person’s contribution and the ability to bridge the gap by experiencing first on personal reconciliation, forgiving oneself and towards others.” This whole process is based on truth telling with love and humility, the press release stated.

During interactions, the participants discussed among other issues how the only way to resolving any situation was in individual realising and admitting to their mistake and apologising, the updates stated. “Then there is hope and one can move forward in life,” the press release explained.

A total of 55 people participated in the programme and ‘agreed to commit themselves to be trained by Peace Channel for a year on peace building,’ the Peace Channel stated.

By EMN Updated: Sep 29, 2019 11:00:07 pm