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Patton appeals not to communalise incident

By EMN Updated: Mar 08, 2015 12:50 am


State Home minister Y Patton has appealed to the people of the state to demonstrate our maturity as a civilized society, as Christian and not to communalize and fuel the incident He also ‘earnestly’ appealed to any group—be it civil society or political party—not to politicize the incident and allow the administration and the law enforcement agencies in the state to perform their duties. In a statement Y Patton said, “It is very unfortunate a mob had taken the laws into their hands over the issue of an alleged rape of a college girl at Dimapur, even to the extent of storming the Dimapur district Central Jail, pulling him (the alleged rapist) out of the jail, paraded him naked, thrashed to death and even displayed his lifeless body at the heart of the Dimapur town. This is highly condemnable”.

Y Patton then claimed that the law enforcement agencies in the State had swung into action by arresting the alleged rapist on February 25 soon after the complaint for his alleged rape crime was lodged with the police at Dimapur. The people of the State and in particular citizens of Dimapur and the student communities should appreciate the immediate action of the law enforcement agencies.
While appreciating the angers of the people towards such heinous crimes such as rape through their various forms of protests and agitations, it is highly condemnable when they start resorting to take the laws into their hands, he stated. “We should allow the laws to take its own course and the government has been doing to deliver befitting punishment to the alleged rapist as per the laws of the land, but unfortunately the mob failed to honor the laws of the land by even tearing down the gates of the Dimapur district Central Jail and pulling the alleged rapist out, paraded naked and thrashed him to death,” he added.
Throughout this unfortunate incident at Dimpaur, the social media users in Nagaland have brought utter dishonor to the people of Nagaland by uploading of the incident in various social media sites fueling and sensationalizing the incident further. “We should have self-censored responsibilities by the gravity of the incidents and situations. I personally appeal to the people of the state particularly our youth to exhibit our sense of humanity,” the Home minister said.
On the part of the government, ‘we have ordered a “One-Man Judicial Inquiry” to probe into the incident and also placed the Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, the Superintendent of Police of Dimapur and the Sr Superintendent of Dimapur District Central Jail under suspension’.

By EMN Updated: Mar 08, 2015 12:50:11 am