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Patkai Christian College students immersed in traditions of the past

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2016 11:39 pm

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 23: To study the society, cultural remains, and social practices with the purpose to broaden the knowledge of cultural values practiced by our forefathers, students of Patkai Christian College, Department of History (Batch of 2016) undertook an educational tour of Peren and Longleng from April 8-11.
The team was guided by Amarson Sankhil during visit to Peren village and Rallo Patton during visit to Yongnyah village in Longleng.
On their arrival at both destinations, the team witnessed natural beauty and experienced the generosity and hospitality, love, kindness, friendliness, simplicity and humility of the people that are found missing in modern urban world.
The team found the places so different with an abundance of fresh air, lush green surroundings and pleasant weather. Notably, the team saw some ancient artifacts properly preserved and passed down from generation to generation.
It experienced the feel of good old days filled with knowledge of the past which the upcoming generation lack. The team conducted interviews, heard oral narrations of the village history, went around the village and visited homes to witness how people still practice the old ways of life.
It found the people generous and bold enough to trust them by giving some of their treasured artifacts to be preserved and displayed in the college museum so that the younger generations can witness, learn and treasure the traditional and ethnic values of our rich culture with the hope that 50 years down the line the younger generations will be able to live to see such unique ways and continue the legacy.
The team expressed that we should always be proud of our land called home and realise how fortunate we are to have our own identity.
The team has particularly thanked Rev. Suite Ndang, Dineu Kelie and the village council chairman of Peren village and B Henshet Phom, VDB secretary, village council chairman and the Goan Bura’s of Yongnyah village. It also thanked the youth of both villages and also the college for the immense support.
Further, it thanked the seniors for starting the good work and encouraging the juniors to explore, go and venture and witness the beauty of our land. The team consider themselves lucky and blessed to go and see two beautiful places within Nagaland and create precious memories to cherish.

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2016 11:39:32 pm