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Patience a virtue for drivers in Dimapur

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2014 12:39 am

Zhovezo Resu

THE 25th National Road Safety Week has seen several awareness initiative by the traffic police in the form of seminars with taxi drivers auto drivers truckers and the Union of Taxis.
Children were also part of the awareness campaign as they lined up and slowed down the traffic which were directed to move in a single row and not overtake and create chaos.DSP, Traffic Dimapur, Rongsen Temjen, told Eastern Mirror that the roads/streets are too narrow, neglected and there is lack of co-ordination with the ever growing number of vehicles with the population. He said “Naga drivers are not essentially careless, but lack of space is causing the problem”.
The city he added is in need of more flyovers, by-pass roads and parking lots which can help ease the flow of traffic. Right now vehicles parked on the roadsides with no alternative is causing jams.
However despite the slow moving traffic and the many snarls which drivers and commuters experience, as many as five accidents are reported to occur daily.
The DSP traffic attributes these incidents to violation of traffic rules on the road while driving.
He requested drivers not to drive without license and juveniles are discouraged to drive as they are yet to develop a sense of responsibility and tend cause minor accidents.
He also highlighted that in case of any report from the people about an accident, they rush to the spot at the earliest, they should instead clear the area after the investigation for the flow of the traffic.
He also said that if everyone can follow the basic traffic rules and regulation, not to take over from the wrong side, and patience is practiced it would minimize the traffic load.
People should inculcate civic sense, and a sense of responsibility towards the society. Traffic police cannot be put everywhere. It is the duty of the public to show their courtesy among each other and help them. The DSP said he would ensure his level best to perform better and hopes there will be less accidents taking place in the city.
Rajen,a highway driver was of the view that most accidents occur due to the careless driving, and poor road condition > He said the drivers end up looking for better patches of the road and avoiding the potholes which causes frequent lane crossing leading to accidents.
What the National Road Safety Week hopefully has highlighted is the need for good roads and hopefully safety will follow by drivers who drive and not rule the roads.

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2014 12:39:07 am