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Patanjali releases research paper on Ayurvedic medicine against Covid

By IANS Updated: Feb 19, 2021 10:23 pm
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Ramdev releases the scientific research papers on the Patanali medicine for COVID-19, in the presence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Dr. Harsh Vardhan, during a press conference in New Delhi, Friday, Feb. 19, 2021. (PTI)

New Delhi, Feb. 19 (IANS): Ramdev, yoga guru and co-founder of Patanjali, on Friday released a scientific research paper prepared by the Patanjali Research Institute on the “first evidence-based ayurvedic medicine” against coronavirus named Coronil.

The paper was launched in the presence of Union ministers Harsh Vardhan and Nitin Gadkari at an event organised by Patanjali.

“Coronil has received the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CoPP) from the Ayush section of Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation as per the WHO certification scheme,” Patanjali said in a statement.

Under CoPP, Coronil can now be exported to 158 countries.

“Amid the global struggle to make Covid-19 vaccine, Patanjali Research Institute has accomplished to bring the first evidence based corona medicine through India’s ancient medical system Ayurveda,” the company added.

Commenting on the development, Ramdev said the drug will help the humanity while providing affordable treatment based on naturopathy. “On the basis of presented data, the Ministry of Ayush has recognised the Coronil tablet as a medicine for supporting measures in Covid-19,” he informed.

The drug was first introduced by Patanjali in June 2020 with a claim to counter Covid-19, but ended up changing its label use to “immunity booster” after it failed to produce supporting evidence.

Coronil was under scrutiny earlier due to lack of scientific evidence and trials that could determine its efficacy in combating the deadly virus that has claimed more than 156,000 lives in the country. Coronil was first advertised as a cure for the coronavirus infection. However, when the controversy erupted over its trial data and composition, the firm changed its licenced use from cure for corona to immunity booster.

It had also received a notice from the Uttarakhand drug department. In its reply to the department, the firm clarified that it never claimed the drug to be a cure to coronavirus.

Ramdev said that the aim of the research was to accredit the ancient Indian medical science globally by providing scientific evidence and fulfilling the Aatmanirbhar Bharat vision in healthcare. While praising the efforts of modern medicine which aided the highest recovery rate and the lowest case fatality rate in the country, he said that due credit must be given to Ayurveda medicines and yogic lifestyle which also assisted in keeping the damaging parameters of Covid-19 disease low.

Meanwhile, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan emphasised the need of using modern scientific tools to highlight the importance of Ayurveda at the international level. “Patanjali under the leadership of Acharyaji and Swamiji will help Ayurveda get the recognition it deserves at the international level,” he said.

The minister also cited the conversation between WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “The global body is impressed with India’s work in the field and would want to establish a global centre for Ayurveda in India,” he said..

The minister also noted that Ayurveda’s economic contribution to the country has significantly increased after the pandemic.

“During the pre-Covid era, it (Ayurveda industry) used to contribute Rs 30,000 crore to the national economy with a growth rate of 15-20 per cent. This economy has risen by more than 50 per cent after the pandemic hit the world, with increased interest from FDIs as well,” Harsh Vardhan said.

By IANS Updated: Feb 19, 2021 10:23:35 pm
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