Paris Hilton Feels 'responsible' For Kids Being Obsessed With Social Media
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Paris Hilton feels ‘responsible’ for kids being obsessed with social media

By IANS Updated: Sep 18, 2020 7:54 pm

Los Angeles, Sep. 18 (IANS): Socialite Paris Hilton, counted as the original influencer by many, says she feels responsible for teenagers obsessed with social media today, and feels like she helped create a monster.

The 39-year-old, who has 12.7 million Instagram followers, made the confession in her new YouTube documentary, “This Is Paris”, reports

She was asked by an interviewer: “Do you feel responsible for it? I mean many have said you are the architect of that.”

Paris replied: “I do feel responsible for it.”

Talking about how she feels “responsible” for the rise in social media, Paris said in her documentary that she was shocked by how much of her life she dedicates to it.

“When you add up all those hours, it’s literally like years of your life spent just looking at a phone. It’s just so beyond,’ she said.

Talking about her guilt, she said: “Now I see the little girls who are nine years old, 10 years old — they’re trying to get the perfect selfie, they’re putting the filters on, they can’t even look at themselves in the phone without putting a filter.”

“I can’t even imagine being a 13-year-old girl today,” she explained before admitting she feels responsible for it.

“Everyone says I’m the original influencer but sometimes I feel like I helped create a monster.”

Paris admitted she spends around 16 hours a day on social media to connect with fans.

In November, 2017, Paris had shared photos of herself with singer Britney Spears, which had been clicked in 2006.

“11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie!” she had captioned the pictures.

When some people questioned her claim to the title, Paris tweeted: “Jealousy is a disease get well soon.”

By IANS Updated: Sep 18, 2020 7:54:42 pm
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