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Pangteang calls for revival of culture

By EMN Updated: Jan 29, 2014 10:33 pm


The Phüsachodümi Youth Society (PYS) held the 16th session of its cultural festival today coinciding with Sükrünye, the premier festival of the Chakhesang community, at Phüsachodümi village local ground with minister for Tourism and Art & Culture, EE Pangteang as the chief guest.Speaking on the occasion, Pangteang underscored the importance for the people to practice their culture and traditional inheritance so that they are not wiped out by the changing face of the modern world. He stated that many races in the world have failed to keep their traditions alive and ultimately faced consequences. “Intellectuals, thinkers and politicians must ensure that our society is guided in the right direction because one of the unique points of the Naga society is the rich culture and traditions,” Pangteang said. He asserted that the DAN government has taken serious initiative to revive on the brighter side to bring balance “in this complex stage” for future generation, keeping in mind that people from all over the world are keen on witnessing and joining the festivals of the Nagas. In this regard, he informed that the inflow of tourists during the Hornbill Festival 2013 touched the four-figure mark and the revenue earned by the department also shot up beyond anticipation.
Pangteang also observed that the Chakhesang community has managed to keep a right balance of preserving their culture and at the same time embrace development. He commended the people from the community who have represented the state in various platforms both within and outside Nagaland.
The minister lauded the Phüsachodümi Youth Society for their initiative to preserve their cultural identity through this festival. “Such cultural event purifies the youth of the village since our culture and tradition teach us certain sacred rituals for purification of the youth to start the year on a fresh note,” he said, adding, with the advent of Christianity, people no longer practice the rituals performed by forefathers but commemorate those rituals and customs to keep the traditions alive in a more refined manner. He urged upon the youth to inculcate a work culture and also take the responsibility to bring development as well as maintain a peaceful society. He further expressed hope that such festivals will bring new hope and success to the youth in preserving their culture.
Nagaland Legislative Assembly speaker, Chotisuh Sazo, who also graced the occasion, reminded the gathering that “our ancestors” used to celebrate the festival with the fruits of their hard labour, and as such, he called upon the younger generation to enact the ways of their ancestors. He also emphasized the need for people to work together as great things can be achieved through unity.
Sazo, who is also from Phüsachodu village, acknowledged the development works in the field of tourism taking place in the constituency and expressed hope that with the visit of the tourism minister in the area today, the projects under progress will be strengthened.
The PYS cultural festival, which is held once in two years, was observed with festive fervour this year as hundreds of young men and women fully attired in traditional gear displayed and competed in folk dances and traditional folk tunes, locally called ‘Niehimozho’, among other traditional activities. There was also a display of ‘Kazhe’, which depicts the rituals of warriors pledging vengeance or settling of scores. Earlier, the menfolk of the village gathered in the ground and performed the traditional village anthem marking the onset of the festival.
Meanwhile, the PYS submitted a representation to the minister stating that it realizes the importance of the village’s rich culture and tradition and its prime goal is to preserve this heritage for posterity, yet there is a need for infrastructure. In this regard the PYS sought for construction of a cultural hall in the village which it feels will also benefit neighbouring villages. The society also requested for recognition of Phüsachodümi village as a tourist village.

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