Pandemic Has Contributed Lot More Towards Esports Industry — Atin Suri
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Pandemic has contributed lot more towards Esports industry — Atin Suri

By IANS Updated: May 22, 2020 7:42 pm

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS): The real world is currently suffering from the might of an invisible enemy, so much so, that it has forced people to remain confined within the safety of their four walls. Gaming industry is thriving under such unprecedented times as virtual world is helping people escape from the harsh realities they are facing in daily life.

“When Esports events came to India, the industry had already recognised immense potential in the gaming enthusiasts of the country. The popularity of the industry rose over night and now there are millions of fans in the country,” Atin Suri, founder, Esports Experiential, told IANS.

“The pandemic has no doubt contributed a lot more towards the Esports industry. Earlier, Esports was conceived as a youth oriented means to entertainment.

“With the rise in the number of gamers, we are looking at a noticeable change in the age bracket. Enthusiasts are as young as 8 years old and there is no upper limit on the age,” he added.

Digitisation of the country has also helped in increasing the number of gamers. The number of smartphones in India has gone up exponentially and that has aided in bringing more eyeballs in the last few years.

Also, the gaming industry was once considered to be rather niche considering the prices of the consoles. This isn’t the case these days as according to Suri, internet phones have changed the game altogether.

“In the last couple of years, the country has seen a wave of digitisation. With internet being more accessible and affordable to all citizens, a large population of the country owns smartphones and use the internet for multiple purposes,” Suri said.

“The smart phones have become the most popular console for the gaming enthusiasts. Earlier, gaming boxes were very expensive and only for the privileged ones. But now, online gaming is available on multiple devices and in many forms.

“Unlike on-ground sports, gamers have the privilege of gaming from any location and at any time. Gaming is also a great stress buster for the urban youth and hence is known to be more popular in the young working class and college going students,” he added.

The one online game that has really caught the imagination of everyone in India is PUBG Mobile. Gamers from around the world are logging in through mobile for that elusive ‘chicken dinner’. The multiplayer battle royal game, according to Suri, is changing the Indian gaming market for the good because of its sheer popularity among the masses.

“PUBG has already become extremely popular in today’s times. Not only brands but individuals are also seeking the famous ‘chicken dinner’,” Suri said.

“Infact, our H’ble Prime Minister has also mentioned it as part of one of his conversations to a mother that went viral over the internet. Social media has chicken dinner as one of the most popular hashtags.

“The Indian market is already influenced by the sport and a lot of brands are now repositioning their products, from selfie phones to gaming phones. Brands have started actively adding features that contribute to the ease of gaming and to create a better and smoother user experience,” he added.

By IANS Updated: May 22, 2020 7:42:59 pm
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