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‘Pain’ a word that never seems to cease in the life of Lila

By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2013 12:30 am


LOOKING after sick Bir Bahadur Thapa (30) and Raj Kumar Thapa (26) has become the only reason to live for Lila Kumari Thapa.
Her life has been a mountain of challenges and it continues to be so.She first lost her husband followed by the death of three minor daughters leaving her alone with two of her sons both of whom are physically disabled.
Lila’s husband was a plumber in Dimapur but died away when their son Raj was just 10 months old. Both the boys cannot talk and are also blind only their hearing is normal.
The only kindness she has known has come in the way of help from neighbours and strangers who support her family from time to time with cash, clothes and other home needs. On the other hand Lila has also experienced what depraved human beings can do. Three years back with the help of some local people, Bir and Raj were gifted wheel chairs from a government department but these were stolen not soon after she received them.
Lila recently broke her arms and has been forced out of work. To ease her situation she visited some Ashrams seeking for help and support for Bir and Raj but no help was forthcoming.But despite her circumstances one thing remains steadfast in Lila’s life …love for her children.
Inatoli Swu a vegetable vendor in the supermarket vouched for this fact. She said she has known Lila’s family for several years and is witness to the miserable live they lead but Lila’s love for her children never seems to cease.
To tide over her state she was encouraged by neighbours to bring her sons to crowded places like the marketplace to evoke public sympathy and with the little money she receives could provide atleast one meal a day and also help in paying the house rent.
Lila also grieved that though there have been so many people coming to their place and taking their details with assurances of giving a better livelihood, till date nothing concrete has happened to secure her family’s future.
Lila says she was given Rs. 2800 in the month of August and told that it was from the government but she does’ nt know which department has given her the cash.
Begging she says, was never an option for raising her children but with age and inflation she has been left with no choice but to resort to displaying their disability to feed the family, said Lila as she fought back tears.
Talking to Eastern Mirror, Lila expressed that act of displaying her children began a few months back. But she does not do this everyday as the eldest son is now sick. She cannot keep them in two different places so she now comes out with them three times in a week.

By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2013 12:30:25 am