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Our state’s lackadaisical H1N1 preventive measures…

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 10:03 pm

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am neither a medical expert nor do I know much about H1N1 swine flu. But like any other common literate individuals, I read about the dire consequences of Swine flu. The whole nation is alarmed by this H1N1 infections and are taking maximum preventive measures through best possible vaccination and treating the infected individuals with latest developed medicines. But sadly here in our Land, besides health officials consultative meetings, vaccination drive, fresh arrival or availability of Swine flu medicines are still unheard of. Why???
So far, The outbreak of Swine flu have claimed the total death of 926 and over 16000 affected, out of which Health deptt.Nagaland have given the total figure of 4 tested positive with H1N1 flu in the state.Each of these suspected blood samples are sent to Dibrugarh for confirmation. How long are our state health deptt. go on sending blood samples to Dibrugarh? How long are they going to go on counting the affected person without getting themselves prepared to counter this H1N1 outbreak???
What are the steps taken so far without immediate necessary
back up such as Laboratory and vaccinations??? Must every suspected H1N1 flu patient wait for treatment until confirmation details arrive from Dibrugarh??? it’s high time the state health deptt. set up a well equipped medical team to monitor and supervise especially those sensitive places such as Airport and Railway stations where passengers every day flow in from other parts of the country!!! IsQ our state health deptt. ready for it??? I read The best treatment for influenza infection in humans is prevention by vaccination. There are available anti-influenza drug to prevent flu infections. Why aren’t our state health deptt. taking up such vaccination measures?? When other state health officials are seen well equipped with enough medical infrastructure and medicines to treat any swine flu-infected individuals, what is our state government doing so far?? Once severe infections progress rapidly, things will get out of control!!! I have read that some severely infected patients die within two days, when we don’t even have urgently needed vaccinations how do we expect to treat the severely infected individuals in two days time??? It’s time our state should also have enough medicines in stock to treat individuals hospitalised with Swine flu!!! My humble concern is that, rising numbers of Swine flu infections maybe the beginning of another H1N1 epidemic, although the current strain may not be as deadly as the 2009 H1N1 strain.
I humbly urge the state health officials and government that, Video conference, consultative meeting, telecasting the programme on H1N1 precautions and prevention of swine flu should just be the follow up steps taken after having fully prepared to take immediate stock of the wild fire like spread of H1N1 influenza!!! Pull your heads together about the vaccine, lab back up and medicines please. Let what are the programmes and measures to be taken at this crucial juncture to tackle this threat of H1N1flu rapid infection be your top most emergency agenda please. If not, are our state health deptt and state government going to count the number of H1N1flu infected individuals and deaths to top highest from other states???
(M.A in sociology )
Resident of Ikishe village Dmapur

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 10:03:50 pm