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Our Naga Men Are Still MCP (Male Chauvinistic Pig)

By EMN Updated: Jan 28, 2017 10:58 pm

The headline will (I’m sure) strike many man (male) egos and pride as well; but this is my reason to write this article: ‘to prick their inflatable ego’. Months has gone now as I see many sugar-coated articles about 33% Women’s reservation which may have fooled many average Naga women because it reads and sound very sweet to the eye and ear. I have no educational degree or any status in the society; so has been remaining an irritated silent reader of these articles. But it has gone too far and it’s very frustrating to just remain as hapless silent spectator for long; so I want to say my opinion here as: ‘a voiceless-powerless female silent spectator who is at least not a fool’ to get along with those MCPs blabbering.

I’m sure, that not every writer is MCPs; but so far, to my personal conclusion, many meaning and words decipher as, ‘they wants the female folks to just tend the fire at home while they roam in and out as they like’; citing the tradition and custom of our ancestors. What they deliberately ignore is, ‘God created our first ancestor Adam and Eve; then other came after, made tradition, custom then they are gone; but we are here now; and the God who created all living-nonliving thing still exists among us’. And it’s a fact that many law, Rules, and constitutions have been amended so far in many countries and nations. So, why not our men do change their opinions and allow the women folks to be partners in politics as well?

(Public rally, strikes, bandh etc. are becoming common in our Naga society; and everyone male or females should support it as long as the cause is good for both society and gender; but the irony is: ‘many female folks are joining the recent happenings which opposes the rights of women’ ignorantly without reconsidering the consequences of women oppressions by the society. What drives or purposes make them join the rally against our own womenfolk, it is not known clearly. The sad part is, many educated young girls are remaining oblivion of the fact that some small portion of thinking women are voicing, fighting desperately for the present and future women folks rights to everything, including their right to share power with man which are being opposed strongly my many section of men).

What they are saying about the status of women is not false and it is agreeable; but one thing is not right with their thinking. They are saying their opinion sweetly: ‘our Naga women are not this and that, they are excelling along with men in every field, they are capable in all things, and they are not an oppressed lot who needs any reservations in anything’ etc. But the reality is this: ‘they don’t want us women to share their power of ruling over the ignorant lots who just remain oblivion of what is right, wrong, what’s in, or out. I don’t understand why some of our female folks who can have a say in the topic are remaining silent; can it be they don’t want to poke their feet in the mud? It’s high time that we womenfolk awake and speak, fight for our right. And if our men is really bold and brave enough, they should agree and make way for women to join them in sharing political power as well as what they are saying all about women power in a little tainted words.

It is to be remembered at all time that even God our creator said: ‘it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make a helper fit for him’ Genesis: 2: 18 (E.S.V So, God made female (Eve) and gave her to him, to be a ‘helper fit for man’ (Adam). Watching, reading, re-searching history shows that women’s presence and help are needed in every way to make a balancing world in everything; a ‘society which is made up of only man (male) can’t prosper or increase. And it doesn’t mean in just breeding the next generation; it meant in every fields; so in political power also as God perceived and approved woman (female) as a ‘fit helpful, active partner of man (male) over every things He created and saw as good.

My opinion here should not be interpreted as politically intended by any means; but there is one thing I want to say about our C.M. T.R. Zeliang: ‘I admired his boldness of denouncing Bedrock of Naga Society; but as time goes on, the memory dimmed as former C.M. Rio openly denounced-revolted against Jamir’s rule and congress party; and so I admired Rio more; then again, I’m beginning to admire our present C.M. for implementing 33%reservation of women. My last word is, ‘may the good Lord bless and keep our women folks well.

Katherine Zhimomi


By EMN Updated: Jan 28, 2017 10:58:30 pm