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Our main objective is to unite Nagas, says new Naga Hoho president

By EMN Updated: Aug 29, 2019 12:28 am

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Dimapur, Aug. 28: The Naga Hoho on Wednesday inducted its new president and other executive members for the tenure 2019-23 at its ‘general meeting and change of guard programme’ at Agri Expo, Dimapur on August 28.

Even though some civil society organisations directed its members not to attend the programme, the Naga Hoho went ahead with the ceremony in the presence of representatives from several organisations, including those from Myanmar, Manipur and Assam.

HK Zhimomi has replaced P Chuba Ozukum as the president of Naga Hoho.

Zhimomi admitted that the induction programme was not held under good situation considering the ‘boycott’ from other apex bodies.

“I am mixed with emotions of happiness and sadness because I can see the problems my team and I will face, but I am accepting this position and will try my best,” said Zhimomi.

“Our main objective is to unite Nagas and keep that as our main focus,” said Zhimomi, adding that even unity amongst the factional groups should be focused upon.

Zhimomi asserted that the Naga Hoho isn’t just for the factional groups but on the side of the Nagas living in Nagaland as well as outside the state. “The factions shouldn’t think anything else; there is no side to pick for the Naga Hoho,” asserted Zhimomi.

The outgoing president of the organisation, Ozukum said that the Naga Hoho has shaped and moulded him to face challenges, adding that being its president was not a “bed of rose” but with too many thorns to deal with.

“Naga Hoho is not against the formation of any new organisation, associations or unions as long as they work for the welfare and common interest of the Naga people,” said Ozukum, adding that they are open to working cohesively without fear when it comes to the interest of Naga people.

He said that with the same understanding, the Naga Hoho has been persistently trying to facilitate between the Naga political negotiators and government of India for bringing Indo-Naga agreement to a logical conclusion.

“We fail to realise that Nagaland was created out of political compulsion and became one of the states under Indian union; present Nagaland has been created by the blood and tears of many Naga households, hence it belongs to the Nagas,” stressed Ozukum.

“It has been a long twenty two years but Nagas are yet to reach its destiny; yet we are still hopeful to fulfil our aspirations to be at par with the rest of the world,” he added.

While admitting that the Naga society is in a state of confusion and despair that is looming in the minds with the change of the political scenario in Jammu and Kashmir, Ozukum said it has become imperative that India does not go back from its commitment to deal with the long struggle.

“Both entities must partake and reciprocate each other in a political negotiation with the best option for the stakeholders,” said Ozukum.

President of the United Naga Council Manipur (UNC) S Kho John also spoke about the present scenario of the Nagas. He felt the Nagas of Manipur, Arunachal, Myanmar, and Assam look up to the Nagas of Nagaland, and reiterated that Nagas in the state should feel fortunate.

“You are by yourself, for yourself and within yourself (unlike Nagas in other states); because of you we are here and not afraid of anyone,” said John.

He questioned the gathering on why other apex bodies were not present at the programme and expressed disappointment at the disunity.

“Your state sends missionaries all over the world but you are failing at helping your own brothers and sisters,” said UNC president, urging everyone to rebuild and reform the Naga Hoho.

A representative from Myanmar expressed anguish over the “drama” within the Naga Hoho.

“In Myanmar, we are living in the Stone Age as compared to you; and you must consider yourself lucky,” said the representative. “We want your love as the Nagas in the extreme east are helpless; we need unity that is solid.”

The new office bearers of the Naga Hoho are HK Zhimomi as president, Yansathung Jami and Samson Remei the vice presidents; general secretary K Elu Ndang; deputy speaker Mhonchumo Lotha, and Toviho Sheqhi the assembly secretary.

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