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Organizations condemn attack on GB

By EMN Updated: May 31, 2016 12:48 am

Dimapur, May 30 : The Chumukedima Area G.Bs’ Association has expressed shock by the ‘dastardly act’ of one Tokiho Chophi, a J.E. of the Dhansiripar Block of the R.D. Department and his accomplices, who attacked the house of its president and G.B of Thilixu Village Tokishe Achumi, armed with guns and knives on the night of May 28.

“Attacking a G.B., who is held in great esteem by the society as a village chief, is nothing short of challenging and attacking the whole village and therefore as per the customary traditions of the Nagas, the act of Tokiho Chophi is a crime of highest degree which has the potentials of starting an inter-village and inter-community conflict.”
CAGBA Vice President L.P. Therie, Vice President Yashimeren Lkr and Gen. Secy Atso Gwizan in press note said, “According to Naga Customary laws, attacking or raiding someone’s house is considered a very serious crime, not to mention perpetrating such crimes at night with arms, and in such case, the owner of the house has every right to inflict any harm upon the person of the intruder and no case can lie against the house owner for such act of defending his household. Such being the case, the G.Bs has taken a very serious note of the action of the cowardly criminal, Tokiho Chophi, and we will be keenly observing the proceedings and the course of law applied in this case.”

The Association said, the incident came at a time when the Chumukedima Area G.Bs’ Association was on a peace mission in all the 58 villages within jurisdiction to shun violence and promote peace. The Association also said, the action of Tokiho Chophi perpetrated upon their leader was also deemed as a direct challenge to their efforts and an attempt to derail peace mission to bring peace within the area.

“There can be no other reason, no matter what excuse Tokiho Chophi and his ruffian accomplices come up with, for attacking the house of a respected village chief with arms and deadly weapons, but the intent to commit murder and it was by sheer providence and prudence of our leader that he avoided confronting the thugs otherwise there could be much ugly and gruesome situations arising by now and such despicable act should be dealt with iron hands in the interest of humanity,” the Association and added, “such murderous goons should not be let off without delivery of proper justice and giving befitting punishments.”

DDGBA: Meanwhile, Dimapur District GB Association condemned the alleged murder attempt on Guanbura Tokishe Achumi at Thilixu village Block III by ‘irresponsible’ government servant with unruly miscreants.

President, Tokuho Suhoi and general secretary Kenith Tsopoe in a separate release said, the incident has become a matter of serious concern.

“How could a gang with weapons intruded and destroyed properties of someone like guanbura, no situation should be as such that any individuals or groups have to take law into own hand and mobilize a gang to create fear psychosis, disturb the peaceful environment.”

The DDGBA urged the concerned villagers to maintain peace and let the law take its own course of action and avoid bringing a political colour.

TVC: Thilixu Village Council in a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner Dimapur, demanded immediate arrest of the culprit within 48 hours for the May 16 incident where the ‘ring’ leader D. Kughaho Chophy (teacher) attached with SDEO Dimapur and Khekiye’s younger brother, resident of Thilixu Block-3 for creating public disturbances with the mob and firing at public place endangering the life of civilian in the public gathering at Thilixu village.

Being aggrieved by the inaction of the police and not dealing with seriousness of the F.I.R. lodged against the culprit involved in rioting and creating public disturbances by fathering a mob and an attempt on GB of Thilixu Village, which it said was uncalled for at the civilized culture, the council requested authority to take immediate action. “Accordingly, an F.I.R. was lodged with the police. However, in connivance with the culprit the police have willfully neglected their duties in apprehending the culprit as reported in the F.I.R.”

Thilixu Village Council demanded the authority to apprehend the culprits within 48 hours, including Kughaho Chophy, Khekiye Chophy, and Tokiho Chophy in connection with the May 28 incident.

SAVE: The SAVE (Societal Action through Voluntary Expression), Nagaland, strongly condemned the physical assault of one of its members Hokheto Chishi on May 16, during inaugural program of a market at Doyapur road, Dimapur allegedly by an unruly mob from Mishikito. The members of the society denounced the incident in the strongest term, saying, “Such act of un-mindful mob violence has no place in the present Naga society.” The society appealed to law enforcing concerned authority to bring justice without favour or bias.

By EMN Updated: May 31, 2016 12:48:49 am