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Organisations condemn June 6 incident

By EMN Updated: Jun 08, 2019 1:28 am
Empty bullet cases recovered outside the residence of NDPP legislator Sharingain Longkumer on Thursday night. (EM Images)

Dimapur, June 7 (EMN): Business Association of Darogapathar Village (BADV) has strongly condemned the incident in which some unknown miscreants fired at the residence of its advisor and MLA from 26 Aolengden AC, Sharingain Longkumer, on June 6 at around 9:40 pm.

The association has appealed to all the right thinking citizens not to be led astray by such utterances which are being made without proper/adequate evidence on the social media. The association has rather termed the act as a deliberate attempt to smear the good image of an individual.

The association further urged upon the concerned authorities to nab the culprits and take action as deemed fit.

USTD: Ungma Senso Telongjem Dimapur (USTD) has condemned the indiscriminate firing incident at the residence of its members Sharingain Longkumer, MLA, and Rusemtong Longkumer, PRO to the Chief Minister by some miscreants on June 6. The union has urged the law enforcing authorities and administration of the State to thoroughly investigate and book the perpetrators at the earliest as per the law of the land.

NDPP: NDPP central youth organisation has expressed dismayed over an incident in which some unidentified gunmen fired indiscriminately at the residence of Rusemtong Longkumer, PRO to Chief Minister, on June 6 following the similar incident which took place at the residence of NDPP secretary general Abu Metha on June 5.

While condemning the incident, NDPP stated that it would not remain a mute spectator but take all necessary steps to eliminate such heinous and cowardly act perpetrated upon its party leaders.

The youth organisation further urged upon the concerned authority investigating the case to leave no stone unturned and book the perpetrators at the earliest.

DYO: Darogapathar Youth Organisation (DYO), has also condemned the firing incident at the residence of Sharingain Longkumer. It has termed the act not only to grievously harm Sharingain and his family but also disturb the peace and tranquillity within Darogapathar village.

DYO stated that it would not remain a mere spectator to such anti social elements but take necessary actions for peace within the village. It further appealed to the law enforcing authorities to thoroughly investigate the case and punish the culprits as per the law at the earliest.

DVC: Darogapathar village council has strongly condemned the act of firing at the residence of Rusemtong Longkumer by some unidentified miscreants. The council has vehemently condemned the senseless and barbaric act perpetrated upon its resident.

The council has appealed to the law enforcing agencies to expedite the investigation process and book the culprits at the earliest.

USM: The Ungma Senso Mungdang has expressed shock over the gunshots being fired at the gate of the residence of its member Sharingain Longkumer, MLA from 26-Aonglenden Constituency on the night of June 6.

“The Ungma Senso Mungdang strongly condemns the desperate, pathetic and illegal actions of the perpetrators of such despicable acts. The senso strongly feels that such acts are nothing but an intention to instil fear and create confusion in the minds of the people when our members are tirelessly working for the welfare of the people,” read the statement.

The organisation has appealed to the authorities and the investigating agencies to leave no stone unturned in arresting the perpetrators at the earliest.

“It has also come to our attention that some individuals are trying to cast shadow of doubts on the minds of the people with various allusions and speculations in social media. Ungma Senso Mungdang will not stand as mute spectators to such acts of cowardice with the sole intention to divert the attention of the people by smearing the good image of the affected family,” stated the organisation.

“We also appeal to all right thinking citizens to out rightly condemn such acts and not to be swayed by the words of such lowly individuals,” it added.

By EMN Updated: Jun 08, 2019 1:28:54 am