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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Open Letter to the Deputy Commissioner, Chumoukedima District, Dimapur, Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2024 11:03 pm

Subject: Land acquisition for Nagaki at Chathe area.

Dear Sir,

Unlike other States, the State of Nagaland does not own any land for its developments lest the private land owners give their land for the same. This is understood. Yet, in the light of the subject cited as above, and having owned a small plot of land in the earmarked area, I feel the need to seek clarifications from your benign office.

1.            The proposed project seems to be an innovative scheme and yet should there be any policy decision of the Govt. of Nagaland already on the same, why has the public been kept in the dark since nothing is so far divulged?  I do not understand why a mega project of such magnitude has been wrapped in secrecy till date.

2.            Nagaland has its historical audacity of investing its funds on projects and abandoning it halfway or completed the infrastructure and allowed it to waste. a) After having acquired the land from the private land owners, if the project becomes another Khansari Mill or Industrial Growth Centre, what will be the fate of the land givers?

3.            Of late, the State Govt. has disclosed that the project will be funded by World Bank. So the fund is loan from that Bank. What is the size of the loan? The responsibility of repayment of the loan with interest falls upon the general public since it will be from the State exchequer.

4.            As far as I am concerned as one of the landowners, so far none, representing the Govt. of Nagaland had officially intimated it to me except that I too found a symbolic RCC pillar of one or two nos. in my paddy field. Whereas, till I personally decide to part with any size of my land for the said purpose when being satisfied with the given conditions, no portion of my land can be seized as such by force. Why dis-uniformity is allowed by exempting land that belongs to the rich and powerful within the same vicinity?

5.            Barring exceptional case, most of the landowners may have to give their lands on land compensation only. (a) Whether the State Govt. intends to negotiate with the land owners on the issue of land rate or intends to impose its pre-fixed rate on the land owners?  Also, there is instance of the State Govt. acquiring land and later certain part of it was allotted to private individuals as in the case of Dimapur Airport. What could be the fate of those landowners in the earmarked location if the history is to be repeated as above?   Beside, if the landowners are coaxed to give away their lands, as circulated in bazaar (may be false or true) at the rate of Rs.60/- per square feet, and afterwards through manipulations those acquired areas of lands are on sale ten times costlier by people in authority?   After having acquired land, if the area is made to be the goldmine of the rich and powerful creamy layer at the peril of hand to mouth people?               

6.            For Kohima High Court building construction, loan from HUDCO was availed and the same loan was misappropriated. Yet, till today no investigative agency of the GoI could bring logical conclusion to the scam since the culprits are insulated with immunity from the anti-corruption law of the land. Whereas, the gullible general public has to bear the brunt of debt servicing.

7.            The proposed project may be noble and futuristic. Nagaland may also be given the opportunity to avail loan from World Bank for that ambitious project. But what will be the security for proper utilisation of the fund? What mechanism is to be adopted for countering mismanagement?

Z  Lohe

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2024 11:03:57 pm
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