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Open letter to GM, Nagaland State Transport

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2014 12:03 am

Sir, the All Nchangram Students’ Union, on behalf of the student community and the general public of Tening Sub-Division under Peren District would like to state the following adverse facts of Tening-Dimapur NST service for your kind authority to initiate necessary action.
1. NST service from Dimapur-Tening and vice versa runs only on alternate days although there is no lack of passengers. The department is answerable to the common public for not providing daily bus service. Why is it that, the biggest assembly constituency (geographically), 6-Tening AC cannot be provided with daily bus service by the government transport department?2. The indifference attitude of the department towards the people of Tening Sub-Division can be clearly seen through the worst bus service being provided. The bus of the department which plies on alternate days breaks down half way almost on every journey. The scheduled departure time at Dimapur can never be followed since the bus gets repaired almost every morning, thereby delaying the departure. It is very funny sometimes that passengers have to use their umbrellas during rainy season even when sitting inside the bus. Does the department think that the people of Tening Sub-Division can be easily fooled by providing the almost condemned bus to ply on this route?
3. Whenever the NST bus service is not available, there is always an excuse of the bus being hired by one group or the other for some program. Is it that the department doesn’t have other buses for being hired instead of the regular passenger bus, thereby disrupting the regular service?
It is to be stated that the common people still relies on NST bus service because we cannot afford the expensive taxi service or own a car like the rich-class people of Nagaland.
The citizens of Tening Sub-Division wants to know the answer of the above mentioned questions. Are we facing these problems due to the NST contract system prevailing in the whole of Peren District? Is it because of the contract system that the NST Office also doesn’t function in the district or just the lackadaisical attitude of the department towards the citizens of Peren district? The All Nchangram Students’ Union would like to place on record that, if the above mentioned issues of Tening-Dimapur NST service is not resolved at the earliest by the department concerned, the Union will resort to any action against the department for the consequences of which, the Union will not be held responsible.

Dithui Newmai, President
Pelamdibo Nchang, general secretary
All Nchangram Students’ Union

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2014 12:03:27 am