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Open letter against non-deployment of adc and eac at Shamator adc hq.

By EMN Updated: Oct 09, 2015 10:29 pm

I on behalf of the Yimchungrü Tribal Council (YTC) have the honour to lay down the following lines for favour of your immediate intervention.
It is known fact, that Shamator area is one of the most sensitive areas in the State of Nagaland. The area is located at the interior place of the State where there has been an instance of petty law and order situations quickly escalating into serious law and order situation, of course, much to the dismay of the administrators, the police and the tribal leaders. Such kind of superfluous situations were mostly erupted either because of the involvement of undiscovered anti-social elements or ignorance of the masses. These two classes of people have been ultimately causing inconveniences and nuisances to all and sundry. However, knowing the facts, the area has been intentionally neglected in almost every necessity aspects.Non-deployment of the ADC and EAC for nearly about five months is one instance of intentional negligence of the competent authorities of the State. No degree of explanation or corroboration of material facts and circumstance could justify the stand. Consequent upon an apathetic attitude, it is the mass, who are destined to suffer for no fault of theirs. People need to address the grievances of deplorable road conditions, of defective electricity, of village problems, of the activities of anti-social elements, of the law and order situations and so forth. In the absence of the ADC and the EAC respectively, people are constrained to visit the DC of Tuensang which is not viable all the time and upon every single grievances.When people have to relay to the administrative officers about most of their grievances either verbally or through written representation, unfortunately both the ADC and the EAC of Shamator ADC HQ were simultaneously allowed their transfer to other places without relievers. The previous ADC and the EAC had done their best to solve most of the problems of the areas. During their short stay they had given everything in their power to assist the area people. Nevertheless, to our utter dismay and resentment, after their transfer, as was a normal process for any officers of the State, the competent authorities of the State remained lethargic and unresponsive in despatching their relievers even after the lapse of more than four months. Hence, the lackadaisical attitude of the competent authorities has virtually placed the fate of the area and its people into a state of uncertainty. As of now, for them there is no protection and prevention and hence they are being tacitly and impliedly denied of their rights and privileges guaranteed by the Constitution of India. The situation at this part of the areas is sensitive, volatile, isolated and deserving as well. The area is so sensitive that here anything happens any time. Therefore, your competent authority is appealed through the instant open letter to address the grievances with utmost urgency. In the event of the outbreak of law and order situation or anything contrary to the interest of the peace loving citizens, which could have been otherwise prevented only if the authorities concerned had timely deployed the administrative officers, the onus of proof concerning such failure shall completely rest upon the State Government and the Yimchungrü Tribal Council shall not be a party to solution.
Yours faithfully,
L.Chuba Yimchunger
General Secretary, YTC

By EMN Updated: Oct 09, 2015 10:29:35 pm