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Only one group in WC-NNPG, says Wangtin-led NSCN (R)

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Nov 20, 2021 10:27 pm
Isheshe Aye during the press conference at Thilixu in Dimapur on Saturday. (EM Images)

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Dimapur, Nov. 20 (EMN):
The speaker of Tatar Hoho NSCN / GPRN – Reformation (NSCN-R) led by Y Wangtin Naga on Saturday stated that the NSCN (R) is their ‘government’ and there will be only one group affiliated to the Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC-NNPG).

This came a day after the Akato Chophi-led group announced split from the NSCN (R), citing issue connected to adherence to the NSCN’s constitution, and the subsequent election of Akato Chophi as its president.

Isheshe Aye, speaker of Tatar Hoho, Wangtin-led NSCN (R), said at a press conference at Thilixu in Dimapur that there will be no other NSCN (R) and the group led by Wangtin Naga is ‘still intact’.

Aye refuted the claim made by Chophi that the new group had the support of more than 2000 cadres and ‘enjoyed the majority’. He said that it’s not true as NSCN (R) cadres were not only based in Dimapur but in the entire state.

He further informed that even during the crisis within the NSCN (R) that surfaced on October 19, the signatories were only 226 cadres. He added the NSCN (R) was formed in 2015 under the leadership of Y Wangtin Naga as President and P Tikhak as Ato Kilonser.

‘Even in WC-NNPG, both Wangtin and Tikhak are co-conveners,’ he said.

Differences arose between three leaders of the NSCN (R) in October this year but on the request of WC-NNPG Convenor N Kitovi Zhimomi, an undertaking was signed between the leaders with Zhimomi, WC-NNPG Co-convenor Zophra Vero and Isak Sumi as witnesses, he informed.

‘However, after the reconciliation, another problem cropped up and yesterday (Nov.19), the NSCN-R led by Akato Chophi said that they were defending the constitution, but to adhere to the constitution they need to follow the constitution. A vice president can take the post of the president in absence of the president and can hold a meeting to choose a new president,’ he said.

Aye added that on March 18, 2018, he was appointed as the speaker of Tatar Hoho of NSCN (R) and by announcing another person as ‘podium speaker’ on Nov. 19, “they” were the ones who were going against the constitution.

He informed that all those who are stationed at the designated camps, GSO-1, GSO-2 and chief of Army, and Konyak, Chang, Phom, Sumi and other regions ‘were all intact with the Wangtin-led NSCN (R)’.

Even cadres in Arunachal Pradesh and two advisors to the collective leaderships from Nagas of Manipur are still part of the NSCN (R) led by Wangtin, he said, adding that it’s a people-based government and ‘would follow what people say’.

However, he said the group is not against the breaking away of those who had declared Akato Chophi as president, from the NSCN (R).

Meanwhile, Wangtin Naga said via telephone during the press conference that they would wait for the statement of the WC-NNPG regarding the split of NSCN (R), and decide the next step only after that.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Nov 20, 2021 10:27:24 pm