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One-man Judicial Inquiry for March 5 violence

By EMN Updated: Mar 07, 2015 1:02 am


The Governor of Nagaland has appointed Veprasa Nyekha, Rtd. District and Sessions Judge as One-man Judicial Inquiry into the March 5 incident of Dimapur.
In a notification the State Home department said there was an incident of vandalism and forcible entry into Central Jail, Dimapur on March 5 by a mob followed by the alleged rapist accused, Sayed Sarif Khan, 30 years, s/o Hussain Khan, Boosla village, Karimganj district of Assam being forcibly taken out from the jail by the mob, and his death in the hands of “the violent mob and also the death of lnito Swu, Shoipu village in ensuing violence.
According to the notification, the State Government is satisfied that the said incident is a definite matter of public importance, having a serious bearing on the maintenance of law and order in the State and that the matter requires a detailed inquiry to find out the causes and circumstances leading to theaforesaid incident, and also to fix responsibilities for the lapses, if any.
The Governor of Nagaland has, hereby appointed Veprasa Nyekha, Rtd.District and Sessions Judge as One-man Judicial Inquiry to inquire into the said incident under the following terms of reference and conditions:-
1 The Judicial Inquiry shall make an inquiry with respect to the following matters:
i) The causes and circumstances leading to the incident.
ii) The person or group of persons responsible for the incident, including those who incited, encouraged or guided the crowd in committing the crime.
iii) Whether there were any lapses or dereliction of duty on the part of any official or public authority responsible for the maintenance of law and order.
iv) Whether the incident could have been avoided, and how
v) How such incidents may be avoided in future.
2 The Judicial Inquiry shall submit its report to the State Government within 45(forty five) days from the date of publication of this Notification in the Official Gazette~
3 The Judicial Inquiry may, if it deems fit, make an interim or final report to the State Government before the expiry of the said period.
4 The State Government shall provide necessary logistics in terms of transport, secretarial
assistance, accommodation and security to the inquiry as and when required

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