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One book and one religion

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2015 9:14 pm

Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is a matter of great joy that the National motto of BJP Government is “ONE BOOK AND ONE RELIGION.” This opens a window for discussion. The truth is one and there is only one God and He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. If there are many creators , there are many gods and lords , but there is only one Creator, so there is only one God and Lord.
We believe that there is no religion in heaven and there is only one way of worshipping God because all of the inhabitants of heaven see God with their eyes , hear His voice with their ears and live in His light. In the world too if all of the inhabitants of the world personally see Him , hear His voice and have relationship with Him, the question of having plural religions and ways of worship does not arise. But why are there many different religions and religious books ? Because though in part many people know God and many people do not know Him and there are different beliefs and according to the beliefs there are different religions and religious books. Plural religions signify that the people are groping in darkness without knowing the true God.
Unless the Creator reveals Himself to humankind and testifies Himself , humankind cannot know the Creator. We can believe the ONE who said, “I am the eternal living God , the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all things in them. Besides me there is no God. I am the truth; I am holy and I hate sin. Be you holy for I am holy.” He said that He is righteous , perfect just , loving kind and is no respecter of persons.When we believe that He is our Creator and Lord , He is real to us in so wonderful ways.! By His life , wisdom and power the universe is existing and we are living. We do not see Him but we see Him through His creations including human body , soul and spirit and the needs we have. The whole world and heavenly bodies declare His wonderfulness and glory. Eternity will be filled with His wonders. Every moment is filled with His wonders. Every human life is filled with His wonders ! He is not only the Creator but He is the Saviour, Redeemer, Sustainer, Shepherd and Provider. As we have relationship with Him, our heart cannot fully express the wonderfulness about His eternal life, His wisdom, His power, His creations, His goodness, love and praises! Our heart is always filled with His wonderfulness, love and praises ! It is peace and joy which the world cannot give. We do not see Him but we perceive His ever Presence with us.
The people who do not know the Creator are always in quest of peace, security and prosperity by performing religious rites to various gods and goddesses according to their beliefs or torturing the physical body or worshipping statues, sun, moon, stars, animals, stones, trees, lakes, rivers and others. Someone even offer human sacrifice to their gods. They do not know that cleansing of life is turning to God by repenting and forsaking sins. Knowing God makes man humble, gentle and loving kind but the people who do not know the true God classify themselves as higher and holier than certain human race of people known as casteism which is the root of racial discrimination. As long as it exists, the country cannot be a sweet home. The chronic problems at grass root level are based on superstitious beliefs in India which can be resolved only when the people come to know the Creator. Christ said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”
Human beings who come to know the Creator begin to see the light of life. The deeper they know Him, the more their lives are identical to His perfect characteristics. So the better they have relationship with God, the better they have relationship with fellow human beings. So more people come to know the true God, more peaceful co – existence among humankind will be in the world. There is no alternative way for human peace. Only knowing the true God sets the people free from the bondage of sins and evils.
There is only one God the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He is the truth, so His words are true and men and women who actually know Him have the same way of worship. So where the people know the true God, there will be only one book and one way of worship which is religion.

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