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On World Environment Day, NLSF, NVCO call for rejuvenation of environment

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2020 8:10 am

Dimapur, June 4 (EMN): On the World Environment Day, the Nagaland Law Students’ Federation (NLSF) and Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation (NVCO) have called upon the people of the state to save the planet and mankind by rejuvenating environment.

Citing the harmful effects of human activity on the bio-physical environment, the NLSF lamented that the occasion has become no more a celebration, but a concern.

“Biodiversity, the theme for this year World Environment Day, is a concern that is both urgent and existential. Recent events, from bushfires in Brazil and Australia to locust infestations across East Africa and certain part of Asia and now a global disease pandemic, clearly demonstrate the superficiality of mankind towards environment,” stated a press release from the federation.

Today, the NLSF said that human actions have pushed nature beyond its limit and if this continues, biodiversity loss will have severe implications for mankind.

“The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the fact that when we destroy biodiversity, we destroy the system that supports human life. All of these we have to say should be an absolute warning cry to our mankind that World Environment Day is a reminder of how much we owe to the Mother Nature,” it stated.

The federation appealed to all to consider “your environment, my environment is our environment” as a fundamental duty as enshrined under the Constitution of India, to ensure for a better environment for generations.

The NVCO urged all to remember that it is a time to explore nature around “ironic spots.”

“The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the climate that makes our planet habitable all comes from nature. Yet, these are exceptional times in which nature is sending us a message. To care for ourselves we must care for nature,” stated President Kezhokhoto Savi.

In the context of India, he said the Environment Protection Act, 1986 clearly defines the word environment as the sum total of what is around something or someone.

He said that the time has come to develop a sense of urgent need to protect environment as well as a sense of hope for its future.

“Plenty of damage has been done to the earth; the more is inflicted every day. This land is your land, this land is my land. What land belongs in the hands of private owners, and what land should remain open to the public for all to enjoy. Land is one of the world’s most important natural resources. It provides humanity with food and shelter, among numerous other things contributing to human survival. However, it also provides for the existence of the plant and animal world. Therefore, it is important to protect and conserve our natural resources including air, water, and forest in order to maintain the overall health of our environment as all these resources are at some risk today,” said Savi.

He lamented that ‘we are failing on our part in replacing trees that we have cut for development or construction.’

In order to fight for the menace of global warming, he said vigorous efforts should be made and discourages activities or development or business such as stone quarry, stone crusher, and vehicle servicing centre attaches to rivers which caused damages to environment.

Savi went on to say that man-made global warming is the biggest scam in the history of mankind to fulfil his greediness with the uncontrolled excessive use of fossil fuels including nuclear exploration and unnecessary excessive use of artificial goods.

In doing these, it is not only polluting natural environment, but also creating social, economic and political problem as well, he added.

The president said some of the major problems facing in Nagaland due to negligence and lack of civic sense is the ongoing menace of solid waste management, lack of proper drainage system and the recent raise in temperature during the last two years.

Stating that most of the citizens only think and focus on the role of government, legislation and law enforcement, however, he said protecting environment must be the responsibility of the people, for every single person on this earth is solely dependent on the basic needs like food, air and water.

The president further said that it is not only the duty of environmentalist and nature activists, but as responsible citizen everyone should have a moral duty to protect the environment.

Inter-college short speech video competition

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, the Eco club of Unity College, Dimapur organised inter-college short speech video competition on the topic “Conservation of biodiversity in Nagaland”.

The competition was conducted focussing on various man-made activities harming biodiversity and to raise awareness on the significance of conservation of biodiversity in the state, an update from the college informed.

Colleges from across the state participated in the competition, with students sharing their innovative and novel ideas through pre-recorded videos on how to safeguard biodiversity.

Khrorite Lasuh of Salt Christian College was declared as the best speaker while Krishna Kumar of Fazl Ali College and Mankham Buchem of Sazolie College bagged the second and third position respectively.

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2020 8:10:00 am