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On Proposal For Exchange of NPF Office Building

By EMN Updated: Apr 30, 2017 10:56 pm

The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has reportedly submitted a proposal to the Chief Minister of Nagaland requesting that their party office which is presently located at PR Hills, lodged between Hotel Japfü and the State Academy hall, is exchanged with the ‘Capital Convention Centre’ which is situated below the roundabout at New secretariat.

The signatories have gone on record to say that such an arrangement is “absolutely in the maximum benefit of the government and the party.” Odd that the signatories haven’t claimed it is also in the “maximum” interest of citizens, Nagas and the capital in particular!

This is preposterous! Ridiculous, absurd, hilarious, obnoxious, idiotic, crazy are some words that are being expressed by citizens to describe this exchange offer.

Some citizens have infact sarcastically suggested the NPF spare our Capital Convention Centre and rather seek to exchange their valued central office with the Nagaland Civil Secretariat office itself! In all honestly people are not even angry at this proposal, instead people are laughing at their wishful thinking.

With due respect to the intellect and technical assessment done by the signatories and the initiators of this proposal, let us ask them not to let their love for the NPF party surpass their love for the capital town, the state and its people.

NPF signatories, let the idea go!

The well-being of the capital and the welfare of its citizens (which includes your good selves) are much more important than the convenience and comfort of NPF office bearers or the ambition of any political party.

Peter Rutsa

By EMN Updated: Apr 30, 2017 10:56:21 pm