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On Paiwang inspection of I Sc Road

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2014 11:29 pm

While local contractor Tizit appreciating the inspection of roads carried out by parliamentary sectary for transport P Paiwang Konyak and Deputy Commissioner Mon Angau I Thou along with officials, NGOS and leaders of Tizit on 11th Jan 2014 particularly the I Sc road from Tizit to Nokzang via Yanpan, Sakho and Lokhon but the team took the dusty road from Yanpan via Assam to reach Lokkhon because the 2.6 KM road between Yanpan and Sakho village allotted to local contractors Tizit was not constructed is totally wrong, 2.6 KM of road does not fall in between Yanpan and Sakho. It is very well within the portion of Sakho jurisdiction only where the local contractors of Tizit are executing the work as per specification and design.
The uncut portion of about 4 Km of road fall under the work allotted to other contractors in between Yanpan and Sakho but blaming the local contractors of Tizit through media is nothing but to tarnish the character of the local contractors of Tizit.
Therefore, the concerned Department, NGOs, leaders of Tizit should come up with concrete proved if the 2.6 KM road allotted to local contractors Tizit is not constructed otherwise we are set to face any code of law in the country and ready to face consequences if we are the local ‘contractors Tizit (concerned) are found to be quilty.

N Tapha Konyak,
Local contractor Tizit, on I.Sc Road

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2014 11:29:42 pm