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On bifurcation demand of Secondary & Elementary from Hr. Sec.

By EMN Updated: May 27, 2016 12:20 am

Dear esteem concerns, from my laymen point of view and as a mother, I would like to point out some findings from the observation of the recent imbroglio of the education department over the demand of bifurcation of Secondary & Elementary from Higher Secondary in the Dept. of School Education and put forward my humble request. It was in-fact a sad situation for all of us when our children/learners were effected time and again due to several dimensional problems which some of them are yet to be addressed by the government for the OK consumption of the general effected community. Not very far ago from now, issues like non payment of salaries to SSA, RMSA and Hindi teachers, bogus teachers’ appointment, the alleged backdoor SSA teachers appointment in various districts, non issue of text books, etc; to name a few, and now the bifurcation of department with a strong determination and rigid dialog at the cost of the innocent students among the department itself may not go down well in the mind of the citizens and *it may pave its own natural way to jeopardise the academic curriculum of the educational system of the state, Maligning is not the intention but any agitation should not be at the cost of the fundamental rights enshrined under the constitution of India especially the minor/children/weaker group.When the Education department is making so many unnecessary errors as stated above and failing to administer and putting the whole educational scenario of the state at stake, *the comprehension here is; what is there so difficult to bifurcate for easy service delivery or easy access to the service; I should say (if work overload was the cause).
My humble request is to have a meaningful dialogue (which may take a little longer period) and work out some possible modalities together with stakeholders and resolve the issue flexibly in the greater interest of the academic time-bound learners and pray that the teachers continue to deliver their noble service once again for good in line with settlement discourse.

High School Colony, Jalukie Town

By EMN Updated: May 27, 2016 12:20:39 am