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Of Treats Divine

By EMN Updated: Mar 04, 2017 11:22 pm

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…. “All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air…lots of chocolates for me to eat”…sang Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady……. “Warm face, warm hands, warm feet and… woo…uldn’t it be loverly…..”

A little pampering, little indulgence, an occasional mollycoddle, simply put: being spoilt just for a while is, I’m sure you will agree, what we all yearn for every once so often.

November 2015….I started the day with a prayer…blessing and thanking God for that ‘something good’ to happen to me that day…and today as I reflect I thought I must mention ..

Prayers said, my very normal day started rolling and believe it or not, it started with bang! Breakfast that day was the best ever. There on my plate lay chicken sausage –not just plain old chicken sausage, but the best- ever chicken sausage! I had never tasted anything quite like it… this wasn’t my first chicken sausage surely …. every bite was an eye- shutting scrumptious experience… …was it because I was famished..? I don’t quite remember … or were my taste buds suddenly doing a double time..? Don’t know which- all I needed to know was that that day’s breakfast was one that I wouldn’t forget in a long, long time.

With a content stomach and a heart full of cheer I gear up for the long almost two hour drive downtown with a lengthy to-do list written down, I carefully tuck it away in my memory bank. Being on a much needed holiday break I relax and resign to enjoy the drive taking in sights and sounds of the journey into the city. Half-way there and then the next best thing strikes. A stop-over and a peek into a way-side gas station store with nothing particular in mind but a window shopping spree is just when it sprang out at me, an ice cream ! My holiday whetted appetite gnawed at me and I grabbed it ,more so for all it was worth, dear readers, here in my hand was my first ever and tastiest, to make up for all the ice cream indulges I had foregone…An ALMOND COFFEE CHOCOLATE HAAGEN DAZ’S Ice cream…..could my day have gotten any better?

It did !

A little bit of window shopping as an unwind after a tried and tiring day of trudging, I happened upon a pair of boots that had for a while been on my wish list, which on a curious enquiry I had to walk away from because it was quite outside my budget…then hey!! Guess what! I heard the shop owner slash a full 50 % off! My heart did a double take…. Was this my lucky day or what?

….not luck at all! It was nothing but my prayer for that ‘something good’ to happen. Now tell me…did God above not shower down good…?? Not something, as you can see..but so much more than I could have imagined to happen all in one day !!! HE’s got me still smiling in total appreciation.

C’mon friends give it a shot! Thank God today for that one’ something good’ that is about to happen and let’s have you beat me…may you experience that smile of total appreciation carrying you a long way.

By EMN Updated: Mar 04, 2017 11:22:00 pm
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