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Of Depression and Happiness

By EMN Updated: Jun 02, 2019 11:47 pm

There is clinical depression as we all know. An inability to be happy or joyous. However as we look around, we find that rare is the person that reflects the radiance of genuine happiness or peace. Indeed, there is much to be sad about, in this miserable world of ours. Yes I use the extreme word, miserable, in the superlative. We have wars going on, famine strikes, there is drought and there is disease. Perhaps, one starts to wonder, does God indeed play dice with the universe? Was Einstein wrong? After all he was just a man. The present day man has many heroes. We have sports stars who are almost demigods. Movie stars in the south of India have temples dedicated to them! Modi is called an avatar after his second victory. Thus there are many power centers. Actually, it’s a total mess we are in now. Humanity, as a whole I mean. Politics has failed, philosophers have failed. Ideologies too. Theology too only succeeds in confusing. Many are perplexed at the concept of predestination in the context of thiesm. Just as as an aside, my proposition is this that we look at predestination with our limited human understanding and our understanding of simple logic. However, I am told God is infinite and omnipotent. There the answer perhaps lies in his infinite, mysterious logic. For, God’s logic might be different than ours. I as a questioner and thinker would only propose that we keep discussing. Let’s put our heads together. Let’s add up our insights. Let’s set up a collective ideology. Let’s express our angst. Thus at least we can get temporary relief and recoup ourselves for the next leg. Let us not be idle, for our beloved Nagaland needs us. Dollops of sincerity is needed. I am sure the answers will not evade our collective effort. Collective for the collective, that is my suggestion. Let our prose be almost, poetry, and our poetry be always more than verbose prose.Let us draw courage from the positive of positives that at least, we manage to smile, sometimes, despite it all…

Edward lotha

By EMN Updated: Jun 02, 2019 11:47:47 pm