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Thursday, April 25, 2024
Zeena Singh

Of an Accessory

By EMN Updated: Jun 24, 2017 11:44 pm

Dainty, Flirty, Firm, Serious, Sporty, Officious, Bizarre, Rugged, Playful, Smart, each of a choice and of a style all its own.

Sported by many.

One for every occasion.

I love them , and I stand not alone.

Many besides, I have found, who are equally ardent if not more, for this cover of a guise called the HAT!

Mainly a Spruce-up to one’s attire and appearance, turning it around according to its style, the Hat plays a very important role, in that, it transmits the mood of the wearer, creating and even exuding , an image real or put-on.

I was astounded by the enormity of the variety when once on a shopping spree, I happened upon a section for Hats only. The choice, one far too many for me to handle, had me stumped. Each Hat was more beautifully styled than the other, the displays were exquisitely striking, the selecting torturous. Distracted by each one’s loveliness, my head was in a whirl. I longed for them all. Lustfully I slobbered over each piece till I could slobber no more. Slowly I scanned my surrounding in this vast field of Hat collections, sopping up as many and as far as my eyes could reach I added them to my cartload- of- a -wish-list.

Content to having feasted my eyes on such a vast array, I couldn’t have returned from my holiday visit that year without one, so I did. One to my name I made sure to have included to my treasured possessions alright; One that would be used for purposes practical, concurrently parallel for its prettiness.

That said and done, I’d like to draw your thoughts dear readers to the kind we each don every other day. Without much of a visual image we place it atop almost in an auto mode involuntarily. The shift in gear occurs without a glitch, transitioning into the mood and character with an unconscious oiled smoothness lying oblivious till it results in tangible effects.

Hats tagged leader, friend, parent, child, guide, servant, partner, warrior, peacemaker lie in the order of their multiple assorted selection waiting to be picked. One for every occasion is slipped on and off often in quick succession transiting with the bat of an eyelid.

Thanks then to this accessory accomplice, the Hat, which is the abettor of most of our success stories- may it always bring on and reflect the best angle of each image accessorized and represented.

By EMN Updated: Jun 24, 2017 11:44:36 pm
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