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Zeena Singh

Of the simple pleasures of life

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Off a Leafy Spread

A picnic meant eating out, literally, meaning a day outdoors. To mingle with nature and everything natural, was the idea, and understandably that included cooking, eating and the washing too. Ecological was the word- out in the open, or in a forest, by a riverside the preferred spot perhaps. Even cooking was to be done naturally. A fire place would be built, wood for the fire chopped and readied, the fire lit and food prepared.
I’m referring here to picnics that once were; Or rather, picnics I once knew them to be. On one such picnic in my childhood was I introduced to eating out of a big broad banana leaf. You see, eating too, was done nature’s way. It was fascinating. There had to be something special in it. A hundred and one explanations of the wonders of a banana leaf may be available – Chemical free, a nutritious lifestyle, soothing to the digestive system, a source of cure for injuries and inflammations, aid to killing various bacteria and germs in the food and the list goes on. For me, the whole setting seems but only complete and perfect with the presence of the leaf of the banana tree, as against eating out of porcelain and china, even steel or paper and plastic plates.
That, dear friends, was the outdoor picnic aspect. Yet something there is, I have to acknowledge in this appeal and magnetism which draws me to eating off a leafy salver. Further whetted are my taste buds . Savor a Chola Bhatura, a Paapri Chaat, Juicy Paani and Bhel puris ; their flavours leap out with each bite and nibble when served on an almost dry platter of Sal or Banyan leaves sewn together.
At talking about the combined goodness of leaves and victuals, I don’t intend to leave behind the Ginger and Turmeric. They do not stand a notch lower by any means. Wrapped and Steamed, Baked or Roasted the aromatic flavours of what these wonder-working leaves do to the palette and appetite are not only to be read about ,but to be tried, tested and appreciated for those of you who may have missed on this simple pleasure of life.

Zeena Singh
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